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Indiana University Bloomington

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John H. Stanfield II

Iris Rosa

Director, Research Program on Transcultural and Intercultural Philanthropic and Non-profit Studies; Adjunct Professor of: African Studies,American Studies, Cultural Studies, International Studies, Philanthropic Studies, and Sociology; 2007-08 PUC-Rio Distinguished Fulbright Chair, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Alma Mater:Masters of Sacred Theology,Boston University, 2005;
M.A.,PhD, Northwestern University, 1977;
BA magna cum laude, summa cum laude in Sociology,admitted as Educational Opportunity Student,California State University Fresno, 1973


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Courses on African-descent religious experiences in the United States and elsewhere; comparative sociological historical studies of  race and politics in societies and global spheres; restorative justice in divided institutions, communities, and societies; classical social theories; the sociology of knowledge; justice social science epistemologies, theories, and methods; diversity and inclusion in government, education, business, and nonprofit sectors in cross-national perspectives.


Restorative justice solutions to race as forms of dehumanization in Brazil, South Africa, and the U.S.; the autobiographical groundings of national and transnational networks of transformers of racially segmented communities and societies;  comparative histories of  academic and non-academic sociological,anthropological, and psychological thought amd  practices in colonial-based European descent multiracialized nation-states; the cultural contextualization,ethics, politics,and uses of sciences and their epistemologies, theories, and methods in culturally plural societies; culturally pluralistic civic identities and civic practices; open people in exclusive organizations, communities, and societies; and  global best practices in access programs to assist the mobility of the nonaffluent into higher education, government, and non-profit sectors.


2010 - "DuBois on Citizenship: Revising the ‘Du Bois as Sociologist’ Canon," The Journal of Classical Sociology

2011 - Historical Foundations of Refelctive Black Sociology, Left Coast Press

2011 - Reflective Black Sociology: Epistemologies, Theories, and Methods, Left Coast Press

2011 - Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods, Editor, Left Coast Press.

Forthcoming Publications

The Radicalization of William E. B. Du Bois, Left Coast Press, forthcoming 2011 or 2012

The Global Restorative Justice Movement (research in progress)

Comparative African Descendent Liberation Struggles: Brasil, South Africa, and the United States (research in progress)

African and African Diasporic Social Scientific Thought, Left Coast Press, 2013

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