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Indiana University Bloomington

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Master of Arts

Degrees Offered


The Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies at Indiana University is committed to being one of the world's leading multi- and interdisciplinary graduate studies programs focused on peoples of African descent in the United States in comparison to African-descent peoples in other globalized contexts. We emphasize diverse epistemologies theories, methodologies, ethical considerations, and innovative teaching pedagogies.

The MA program strives:
1. to offer students an intense program in the analysis of African American issues;
2. to expose students to both historical and current methodological approaches;
3. to expose students to issues throughout the African Diaspora;
4. to refine critical and problem-solving skills in both the humanities and social sciences;
5. to extend a sound basis for those going into a doctoral program; and
6. to prepare students for administrative, teaching, communication, and social service careers.

In sum, the program provides a theoretical base of knowledge, methods of research, and a context for analyzing African American and Diaspora experiences that can be invaluable either in further graduate studies or in a specific job or career choice.