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Indiana University Bloomington

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Meet our Graduate Students

Nana Abena Dansowaa Amoah
Research interests: Cross Cultural Studies: Africa American and African Diaspora Literature, Representation of Women in Popular Music, black religious music, Black women musicians and diet/keeping in shape.

Monica Fleetwood Black
Research interests:  Identity politics and formations of Black and Biracial women; Feminist and Womanist thought; Race in (Outer) Space as it relates to Star Trek, as well as the writings of Octavia Butler

Katie E. Dieter
Research interests: skin tone hierarchy among African American women and the ways these issues intersect with other categories of identity such as gender and sexuality; Midwestern queer rural studies

Adeyemi Doss
Research interests: Double-Consciousness; African American Philosophy; Yoruba Existentialism; European Existentialism; Critical Race Theory; Embodied Anti-Black Racism; Objectification of Black Bodies; Trauma; W.E.B. Du Bois Phenomenology; Franz Fanon Phenomenology

Floyd D. Hobson III
Research interests: Underground LGBTQ culture known as the Ballroom scene; Performance Ethnography, Race and Ethnic Relations, Black Masculinities, Black Queer Studies, Gender Studies, Contemporary Black Literature, Ballroom Culture

Marsha Horsley
Research interests: Black female bodies, Black visual culture, Black sexuality, and media studies

Caralee Jones
Research interests: Caralee’s research looks at Black ethnic diversity in the United States, with a focus on how region and racial/ethnic composition shapes the inter-personal relationships and interactions of African Americans with Afro-Caribbean and African immigrants. Caralee also explores the social factors that shape the formation of racial and ethnic identities for Black immigrants.

Ignoisco Miles

Ciara Miller
Research Interests: African American, Caribbean, and African literature and cultures. Dominant poetic aesthetics of African American women poets. Demystifying the ‘strong black woman’ archetype. African Americans in television, film, and pop culture. Black feminism/womanism. Black women and mental health issues. Black radicalism.

Yukari Shinagawa
Research interests: African American music (especially Gospel music); Characteristics of African American Musical Performances (call-and-response, polyrhythms, improvisation etc); Black gospel music in Japan; Black Aesthetics; Influence of Music in African American Literature