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Maria E. Hamilton Abegunde

(Osunbimpe Abegunde)

eric harhausen

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University Graduate School
Visiting Lecturer, AAADS

Office: Ballantine Hall, 516
Phone: (812) 855-0477
Previous Degrees: DePaul University, 2009, MA – Women’s and Gender Studies; Northwestern University, 1986, – BA – English, Fiction Writing Concentration
Area of Study: Memory Studies

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Research interests:  

Research interests: Memory and Trauma; Embodied Memory; Transatlantic Slave Trade; Community Healing, Grieving, and Ritual; Yoruba Orisa Practices; Thanatology; Ancestral Practices; Mourning and Funeral Practices; Brasil (Bahia and Itaparica), Birth, Women’s and Gender Studies   



Abegunde is an egungun (ancestral) priest in the Yoruba Orisa tradition and a Reiki Master with a focus on the recovery and healing of ancestral memory from the Earth and human body. She is also a poet, writer, teacher, and birth doula. Her ongoing research in the United States and Brazil is on embodied memory of the Middle Passage, the ways in which unresolved ancestral emotions shape the lives of descendants, and the links between ancestral wounding, contemporary violence, and illness and disease. 
Notes of an Aríran

Maria Hamilton Abegunde

Selected Interviews:

"Ancestral Trauma with Dr. Maria Abegunde"
In preparation for a presentation on Ancestral Trauma at the Association of Black Psychologists Conference in Indianapolis (July 2014), Drs. Bolden and Ball sat down for a skype interview with Dr. Maria Eliza Hamilton Bispo de Jesus Abegunde.The ABPsi presentation panelists included Dr. Bolden, Roberta Federico, and Dr. Jamila Codrington.

To hear audio click here

"Tell Them Arroyo Sent You: A Middle Passage Voyage on Route to Brasil" (2011, WFHB, "Interchange with William Morris")
Interchange: Crossing the Middle Passage

To hear audio click here

"Healing Mind and Body: A Memory Keeper Shares Her Story" (2010, WFHB, "Interchange with William Morris")Healing Mind and Body

To hear audio click here

Selected Publications/Exhibitions/Performances:

Toe Good Prime Directive #1

"Ancestral Masquerades" Series (exhibitions) with LaShawnda Crowe Storm (ongoing)

“Healing the Ancestral Way: Going Where Past and Present Lead” (2013, Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington)

“From Visual to Verse: An Evening of African American Poetry and Art” (2013, Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington)

“Dynamic Praxis: Memory, Cloth, Body, Text: Calling Egungun (the Bones) to Life” (2013, Herman C. Hudson Spring Colloquium, Indiana University)

"When the Past Becomes [the] Present: Remembering and Writing My Own Ancestral Past" (Let Spirit Speak! Cultural Journeys through the African Diaspora, SUNY Press, forthcoming 2012)

Bridges and Borders: Voices of Immigrant Women, Co-Editor (2011, Jane's Stories Press Foundation

Black Diaspora Review, Guest Co-Editor (Spring 2011)

"Sankofa in Action: Creating a Plan That Works - Healing the Causes of Violence to Stop the Violence" (Black Diaspora Review, Spring 2011)

“Creating Community, Movement, Foundations, Scholarship, Soul: 40 Years of Black Studies at Indiana University” (2010, Curator, Indiana University, Bloomington)

"The Divining" (2010, Theatrical Production of excerpts from The Ariran's Last Life, Buskirk-Chumley Theatre, JMUSE Productions)

The Ariran's Last Life (excerpt, Best African American Fiction 2010)

The Ariran's Last Life (excerpt, 2008, The Kenyon Review)

Professional Affiliations:

Association for the Study of African American Life and History

Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora

Bloomington Area Birth Services

Cave Canem

Jane's Stories Press Foundation

Modern Language Association

National Council for Black Studies

Sacatar Foundation