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Nana Abena Dansowaa Amoah

eric harhausen

Program: Ph.D.
Previous Degrees: Bachelor of Music (B.MUS) & Master of Philosophy (MPHIL in Ethnomusicology), University of Ghana, Legon.
Area of Study: Culture, Literature and Music

Bio: I am from Ghana and have been studying here in IUB since August 2010. I studied music for my undergraduate studies and started my Master’s degree at the University of Ghana. During my second year, I won a scholarship to University of Hannover in Germany to research and write my master’s degree thesis (known as dissertation on that campus).

In my one-year fellowship in Germany, I taught students introduction to African studies and African Drumming. In returning to Ghana, as a research assistant with the Center for Gender and Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA), an affiliate of the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana. There, I embarked on these projects: “Changing Representation of women in Popular music” and “ Ghanaian women Entrepreneurs in rural areas in Ghana”, which were sponsored by the World Bank. I also taught at the University for two years prior to my travel to the US to start my PhD studies. So far, I have enjoyed my stay at IU, but I am still trying hard to make it my second home considering the difference in weather and the food we eat locally.

Currently I am an Associate Instructor (AI) for African American and African Diaspora Literature course in the AAADS Department. So far, it has been very productive. I love sharing knowledge and this puts me in the right position. I have also been in the African American Choral Ensemble since I arrived at Indiana University (IU), and it is an experience I could not have afforded to miss. I always make sure that I put on a smiling face because it takes away all my stress.

Current research/Research interests:

Cross Cultural Studies: Africa American and African Diaspora Literature, Representation of Women in Popular Music, black religious music, Black women musicians and diet/keeping in shape.


Summer 2012

Publications/ Year published/ Publisher:

Conference Papers:

Book Reviews (forthcoming)

Honors and Awards:

2005- Volkswagen Foundation- One year Fellowship in University of Hannover, Germany.
2010 – Three year Fellowship by IUB for PhD study.
2011  - Conference Grants from AAAD
2011- Office for Women Affairs (OWA)- Travel Grant
2011-2012: College of Arts & Sciences Travel Award
2012- African Studies Research Grant

Professional organizations: