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Yukari Shinagawa

eric harhausen

Previous Degrees: MA & BA on English and American Literature, Baiko Gakuin University, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan

Area of Study: Music and Literature

Research Interests: African American music (especially Gospel music); Characteristics of African American Musical Performances (call-and-response, polyrhythms, improvisation etc); Black gospel music in Japan; Black Aesthetics; Influence of Music in African American Literature

Bio:  I’m from Japan, and it has been a great experience studying in AAADS. While I was an undergraduate student in Japan, I studied in English department at Indiana State University for a year (2005-2006) as an exchange student. One of the classes there introduced African American literature to me. I’ve been amazed by the fact that I can create discourses on what I love, literature and music, simultaneously. My MA thesis on the influence of music in African American literature focuses on call-and-response structures of Black musical performances. My current research interest is in popularity of black gospel music outside of the United States such as in Japan and how this type of music has been performed by non-African American people and performed and taught by African Americans in different cultural context. I am hoping to include my experience in my dissertation as a performer in the African American Choral Ensemble. I have been a member of the choir since September, 2009.  

Academic Presentation:

CD Reviews on Black Grooves, Website of Archive of African American Music & Culture, Indiana University, Bloomington. check Black Grooves 'yukari'