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The Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies sponsors or co-sponsors several recurring events every year, including conferences, symposia, workshops, and speakers. Scholars - from a diversity of disciplines, from around the country, and from other areas of the diaspora - visit Indiana University to headline or attend these events. Whether a screenwriting workshop with actor/director Melvin Van Peebles or a lecture by Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem, secretary general of the Pan-African Movement, such events enrich and enliven the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students alike.


Dear Prospective Graduate Student: 


We are delighted that you are interested in the Department of African and African American Diaspora Studies  program at Indiana University.   

You are invited to apply!


  • An excellent faculty. 


  • A wonderfully enriching and stimulating intellectual environment.


  • A provocative and enlightening opportunity for conversations across disciplines.


  • An opportunity   to reflect on black historical, contemporary and cultural questions.


  • A supportive environment.


  • A chance to examine   linkages between principles and practice.



“The graduate program in the AAADS Department is a powerful, supportive space in which academic excellence, professionalism, creativity and community are of the utmost importance.”

                                                                        Monica Black, M. A. student


“You will benefit tremendously from the caring professors and well-structured courses.”

                                                                         Nana Abena Amoah, Ph.D. student




To explore more great reasons why you should flourish at IU, please tour our Web site fully, or contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, at




Welcome to Diaspora, the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies' electronic newsletter. We are all connected to AAADS in one way or another, yet we are spread far and wide throughout the university, the community, and even farther afield. We are the AAADS Diaspora.

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Carolyn Calloway-Thomas

AAADS Professor Carolyn Calloway-Thomas gives freshman Donna Weatherly a pin. IU faculty and staff gave out more than 60 pins at the annual freshman pinning ceremony at the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center earlier this month.

Click here for the full article from Inside IU Bloomington.


AAADS Post Doc Maria E. Hamilton Abegunde named as first director of new Graduate Mentorship Center at IU

Additional information can be found here


AAADS Professor Tyron Cooper pens music for documentary on Bobby "Slick" Leonard

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IU Soul Revue honors founding director Portia Maultsby

Addititional information can be found here


On July 10th, 2014, Professor Raymond Wise was honored and featured on the Long Street Bridge Cultural Wall in Columbus, Ohio for his work in tap dance.  This newly renovated bridge is like a park that runs along both Long Street and Spring Street as they cross Interstate 71.  Included here are pictures from the unveiling and dedication.  

Long Street Bridge Cultural Wall Long Street Bridge Cultural Wall

Long Street Bridge Cultural Wall Long Street Bridge Cultural Wall Long Street Bridge Cultural Wall
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Congratulations Professor Phoebe Wolfskill!

In July 2014, she received a New Frontiers Exploratory Travel Fellowship through the College of Arts and Sciences to pursue her research on contemporary artist Emma Amos.


Malcolm X

Malcolm X: A Biography

Authors: A.B. Assensoh, Yvette Alex-Assensoh

Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated, Aug 31, 2013 - Biography & Autobiography - 179 pages

"Malcolm X: A Biography" is a historical and political analysis of the black leader's life and times, offering a detailed treatment of its subject's multifaceted story. Laid out chronologically, the book treats MalcolM's life from his birth through his childhood, adult life, work as a Civil Rights activist, and assassination. Readers will learn about the torching of Malcolm's family's Lansing, MI, home when he was a young child and about the death of his father a few years later--both acts attributed to a white supremacist organization. They will learn of his participation in narcotics, prostitution, and gambling rings and of his arrest and prison term. And they will learn about his discovery of the teachings of Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad, his conversion to the Muslim faith, his break with NOI, and his eventual espousal of faith in integration. Finally, the book looks at Malcolm's assassination and at his legacy and importance today.



Save these Dates in 2014!


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AAADS is a co-sponsor of this event.
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2013 Chicago Music Awards nominee Pavel and Direct Contact teams up with Sancocho: Music and Dance Collage for an incredible and super entertaining afternoon telling the story of the music of Cuba and its profound contribution in culture and jazz music. This multi-media presentation will also include Gerardo Gonzalez, a Cuban American and current Dean of Education at IU Bloomington, sharing his return to Cuba through photography and narration. The artistic director, our own AAADS Professor Iris Rosa, and musical director, Andre Rosa-Artis, lead a group of drummers and dancers to combine a delicious concoction that is sure to satisfy your musical appetite.

Click here for more information on this free event in Indianapolis.


This IU Cinema event is co-sponsored by AAADS.



Chicago Artists Against Gun Violence present

Stay-in-School Bash!

Stay In School Flyer-Back Side Stay In School Flyer-Front Side

One of the events organizers is our own AAADS graduate student Ciara Miller.


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Groups Program Flyer

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The A104 Groups Theatre Workshop is open to the summer Groups Program students only. Through a musical/theatrical piece chosen for study and performance, students are encouraged to explore and develop their abilities and to experience growth and motivation that comes from participating in a unified and motivating group experience.

Groups Program Students Groups Program Students


Bobby "Slick" Leonard is Indiana basketball. No one better embodies its toughness; no one better personifies its passion. And no one takes more pride in being a native Hoosier. "Heart of a Hoosier" will chronicle Leonard's journey as never before, from the poorest part of Depression-era Terre Haute to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

With stunning new footage and an all-star cast, the 90-minute documentary will take viewers:

  • On the floor for Leonard's national-title-winning shot for IU;
  • On the blizzard-enshrouded plane as Leonard and the Minneapolis Lakers crash-landed in an Iowa cornfield;
  • On the road and in the locker room with the best and wildest team in the ABA, the Indiana Pacers;
  • Into the booth for Leonard's "Boom Baby" calls that have defined Pacers fervor for the past three decades.

Come along for the ride and learn the inside story of a seminal figure in Indiana history.


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Please go to for more information.


Long Street Cultural Wall Program
Raymond Wise, our own professor here in AAADS, has resided and taught for more than 30 years in Columbus, Ohio. One of Columbus' recent initiatives to rebuild its near east side was to renovate the bridges and roads that lead from the downtown corridor to the near east side. One specific project was to build a bridge that contains pictures and sculptures honoring the legacy of persons who have contributed to the Columbus area over the past years. This newly renovated bridge is like a park that will run along both Long Street and Spring Street as they cross Interstate 71. It will have many lighted panels featuring portraits of artists. 

Raymond Wise will be honored and featured on this bridge project for his work in tap dance. He began teaching tap dance for Columbus Park and Recreation at the Samuel S. Davis Youth Complex for the Performing Arts back in the 80s, then teaching and performing tap dance with ensembles at the King Arts Complex for the Performing Arts in the late 80s and 90s with his own company (with partner Frank Lane, also honored in the Long Street Bridge renovation) Raise Productions was there in residence as a part of its Artist Coop. He continued to teach and perform gospel tap throughout the 90s and beyond at the Raise Center for the Gospel Arts as well as at schools and colleges. As result of their contribution to dance in the Columbus, he and his partner Frank Lane were chosen to be represented on this historic bridge project.

Together the city of Columbus, Ohio will honor the significant local artists, including our own Raymond Wise, landmarks, community leaders, and pioneers-­ bridging the past with the present--who have been an integral part of the Columbus story.
Bring your lawn chair and enjoy live music by Luxury Brown featuring Meredith Evans, and the legendary DJ Mix Master Ice. Bring the whole family to celebrate this affair-- with food trucks and plenty of fun for the kids, too.
When: Thursday, July 10th, 5:30 to 9pm.
Location: Columbus, Ohio. Long Street bridge over 1-71 between Hamilton and Jefferson Avenues .
FREE PARKING: Columbus State garage, enter at 512 E. Long St.

Please go to the event website for more information


Bring Back Our Girls

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

1st Session: 10 a.m.—12 p.m.; 2nd Session: 12:30 p.m.– 2 p.m.
Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington 2120 North Fee Lane, Bloomington, IN 47408

Please join us on June 21, 2014, for Creating Love as a Path of Return, a creative community response to Bring Back Our Girls. We would like to call on the spirit and energy of all the Great Mothers and Grandmothers in the world for guidance and inspiration. Rooting ourselves in Love, we will use the arts – visual, literary, performing, spiritual crafting – to create letters, poetry, performances, healing dolls, spirit boats, and more that will be shared locally in a future exhibition/installation and via BBOG networks.

Thank you to everyone for the work you have already done and are doing. Thank you for your suggestions, patience, donations, and commitment. We look forward to seeing you.

Some materials will be provided. If possible, please bring: paper (all grades and types for letter writing, painting, mixed media), tissue paper, envelopes, pens, super fine permanent marker (all colors), pencils, journal(s), clipboards, water-soluble paints (i.e. acrylic, watercolor, gouache), paint brushes, pastels/ conte crayons/colored pencils, drawing ink, scissors, X-Acto/utility knives, cutting mats, glue,  mat board, block/relief printmaking ink, brayers or wooden spoons, rags/paper towels

For more information, contact:

Sponsoredby the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, The Department of African American & African Diaspora Studies, and Kroger

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