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We congratulate Alyssa Liles-Amponsah, MA’08, on her recent admission to study at Harvard University (where her husband David, also a 2008 graduate in AAADS is a PhD student).  She has received a full scholarship.  While in AAADS working on African American Art along with an art exhibit of her work, Alyssa worked with Professors McElroy, Rosa, and Althea Murphy-Price (formerly of the IU Fine Arts Department).

Carol Edge, MA'03, is active in the recently formed, local Writers Guild, under the umbrella of the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington. Noting that AAADS has always nurtured writers and other artists, she invites anyone interested to visit the alliance's web site at From there, you can find your art and join its guild, including the Writers Guild. Otherwise, Carol is happily retired, doing some writing, and helping Ron with the garden.

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