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Interdepartmental Majors & Dual Majors

Do you ever wish you could get more than one degree (without being in college forever)? Want to get more for your money without adding extra semesters to your education? Well, as luck would have it, you can.

AAADS is a flexible degree that can be combined with several other degrees at IU. Many of our students have found that an interdepartmental major or pursuing a dual major gives their education extra diversity that prepares them better for the workplace or graduate school.

Interdepartmental Degrees

We have four interdepartmental degrees with the departments of English, History, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Think of these as combined degrees, where you take a portion of the AAADS requirements and a portion of the other department's requirements and graduate with one degree in AAADS/English (or other program, etc.).

Dual Degrees

Think of these as getting two separate degrees at the same time, or as a double-major. You take the AAADS curriculum as well as another degree's curriculum and wind up with majors in AAADS and Political Science (insert other major here). For example, let's say you're a political science major; by taking AAAD courses you could study power systems, protest strategies, urban growth, and the history of civil rights and Black Power movements among other issues that have shaped political systems. This is just one of dozens of combinations with other majors at IU. It's especially easy to do since many AAAD courses count for GenEd and CASE credit as well as electives in other programs. (Most dual majors within the College of Arts and Sciences finish in 4 years.)