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Why Study in AAADS?

Take classes that interest you

In AAADS courses, you'll look at the world through the lens of Black experiences and race. Whether you're interested in politics, art, music, literature, history, sports, sociology or another field, you can connect it back to Black culture in practical, creative, and meaningful ways. See the most recent schedule of classes here.

Become a diverse professional

People often ask, "What can I do with this degree?" The answer is: "a lot." Whether declaring a major, adding a minor or dual degree to your current major, or just taking classes, you'll acquire strategies and critical thinking skills to work with diverse populations across a variety of careers. Included among our alumni are professors, attourneys, educators, social workers, doctors, musicians, artists, and business professionals across the US and worldwide.

Be part of a community

Our faculty and students are a big family. Through small courses, informal mentoring, independent studies, and authentic relationships, you'll find people who care about you and your success.

Add a minor or dual major

This can equip you with strategies and critical thinking skills to work with diverse populations. Let's say you're a political science major; by taking AAADS courses you could study power systems, protest strategies, urban growth, and the history of civil rights and Black Power movements among other issues that have shaped political systems. This is just one of dozens of combinations with other majors at IU. On top of that, it's easy to do since many AAADS courses count for GenEd and CASE credit as well as electives in other programs. (Most dual majors within the College of Arts and Sciences finish in 4 years.) Click here for dual/interdepartmental majors. Click here for info on our minor.

Declare a major in AAADS

An AAADS degree is flexible and practical, and you will learn to apply your knowledge and skills to real life. Our graduates have gone on to a variety of careers, including professors, attorneys, educators, social workers, doctors, musicians and artists, and business professionals across the US and worldwide. For more info click here for our major page or contact our undergraduate advisor, Jessica Geiger at

Where do I start?

There's several ways you can get involved in AAADS or just learn a little bit more. Here are a few good ones:
• Talk to Jessica, our advisor:
• Take a course or two. Many count toward GenEd or CASE credits
• Meet our faculty and grad students (they have open doors)
• Email or call us with questions at or 812-855-3875