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RCAP is pleased to offer our latest publication, Tearing Down Fences: HIV/STD Prevention in Rural America, in a more accessible and interactive online format. The electronic format provides live links to those resources you may want to access to add to your understanding of rural HIV/STD prevention or to connect with prevention and case management resources. Twice a year, RCAP will add links, new programs that may work, and other updates to this electronic version to help you meet the challenges you face daily in your work.

Fences is the first guide to focus on HIV/STD prevention in rural communities. You asked RCAP to tell you more about HIV/STD prevention programs that you could implement in your rural communities. Fences does just that.  Chapters 3 through 7 provide ideas that have worked in rural settings to increase HIV/STD awareness and decrease stigma, screen hard-to-reach populations, link those living with HIV/AIDS to care, and modify risky behaviors. 

Fences is also intended to help communities and policy-makers understand the challenges of rural HIV/STD prevention.  Chapters 1 and 2 can help you create that compelling argument to motivate policy-makers and funders to support your prevention and case management efforts.

We hope that this guide will bring new ideas to your work and help you convince others of its importance. We also invite you to let us know how to improve the information and resources in Fences by emailing us at aids@indiana.edu.

  wagon wheel in wheat field



Chapter 1: HIV/STD Prevention in Rural America

Chapter 2: Epidemiology of HIV/STDs in Rural America

Chapter 3: Rural HIV/STD Education

Chapter 4: HIV/STD Testing in Rural Settings

Chapter 5: Responding to New Reports of Infection

Chapter 6: Living with HIV/AIDS in Rural Communities

Chapter 7: Behavioral Interventions that May Work

Chapter 8: Opportunities for the Next Decade





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