Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention


Every two years, RCAP sponsors the publication of a special issue of The Health Education Monograph, published by Eta Sigma Gamma, the National Professional Health Education Honorary. The monographs feature research articles largely focusing on HIV/STD-related issues in rural areas. Monograph articles are posted below and copies of the monograph are available upon request.

Articles Published in 1998 RCAP Monograph

The Health Education Monograph
Published by Eta Sigma Gamma, National Professional Health Education Honorary
Volume 16, Number 2, 1998

Table of Contents

Rural Adolescent Views of HIV Prevention: Focus Groups at Two Indiana Rural 4-H Clubs
William L. Yarber & Stephanie A. Sanders

Implementing HIV Education: Beyond Curriculum
Susan Frelick Wooley

Epidemiological Investigation of Public Knowledge and Attitudes on HIV/AIDS
Mohammad R. Torabi & Emmanual Ahua

Health Motivation and HIV Risk Behavior Among College Students From Urban and Rural Communities
Catherine Sherwood-Puzzello

Strategies for Strengthening Professional Preparation In Support of HIV Prevention and Health Education
Becky J. Smith & Deborah A. Fortune

The Relationship of Family Factors to Alcohol Use and Sexual Risk Behavior: Implications for HIV/AIDS Prevention
Fred Piercy, Joan Jurich, Young Hee Chang & Mary Beth Stibbins

Facing Facts: HIV Prevention and Sexual Health
Debra W. Haffner & Monica Rodriguez

Relationship of HIV/STD Sexual Risk Behaviors to Other Health Behaviors Among a Sample of Indiana Rural Youth
Richard A. Crosby, William L. Yarber & Andrew J. Kanu

Managing Drug Resistance to Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Infected Patients
James G. Anderson, Marilyn M. Anderson, Stephen R. Byrn, Linda L. Casebeer & Robert E. Kristofco