Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention


Every two years, RCAP sponsors the publication of a special issue of The Health Education Monograph, published by Eta Sigma Gamma, the National Professional Health Education Honorary. The monographs feature research articles largely focusing on HIV/STD-related issues in rural areas. Monograph articles are posted below and copies of the monograph are available upon request.

Articles Published in 2000 RCAP Monograph

The Health Education Monograph
Published by Eta Sigma Gamma, National Professional Health Education Honorary
Volume 18, Number 1, 2000

Table of Contents

Understudied HIV/STD Risk Behaviors Among A Sample of Rural South Carolina Women: A Descriptive Pilot Study
William L. Yarber, Richard A. Crosby & Stephanie A. Sanders

Risks and Co-Factors Among Women Related to HIV Infection and AIDS Treatment
Nancy T. Ellis

Management of the Care of HIV-Infected Pregnant Women
James G. Anderson, Marilyn M. Anderson, Linda L. Casebeer & Robert E. Kristofco

A Longitudinal Study of HIV/AIDS Related Mortality Among African American and Hispanics In Texas During 1997
Dennis Daniels & Haydee Encarnacion

Perceived Behavioral Control for HIV/STD Prevention Among African-American Undergraduate Students
Andrew J. Kanu & Caroline G. Kanu

Psychosocial Distress Among Gay and Bisexual Men Living with HIV/AIDS in Small U.S. Towns and Rural Areas
Timothy G. Heckman & Jeffery G. Miller

Rural and Non-Rural Adolescents' HIV/STD Sexual Risk Behaviors: Comparisons From a National Sample
Richard A. Crosby, William L. Yarber, Kele Ding, Ralph DiClemente & Brian Dodge

Family Physicians' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding HIV/AIDS Prevention
Mohammad R. Torabi, Sandra Aguillon & Ifeng Jeng