Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention


Every two years, RCAP sponsors the publication of a special issue of The Health Education Monograph, published by Eta Sigma Gamma, the National Professional Health Education Honorary. The monographs feature research articles largely focusing on HIV/STD-related issues in rural areas. Monograph articles are posted below and copies of the monograph are available upon request.

Articles Published in 2003 RCAP Monograph

The Health Education Monograph
Published by Eta Sigma Gamma, National Professional Health Education Honorary
Volume 20, Number 2, 2003

Table of Contents

HIV/AIDS in Appalachia: Finding Solutions for Integrating Prevention, Research and Care Services
Timothy A. Akers, Timothy G. Heckman, David R. Holtgrave & William L. Yarber

Epidemiology of AIDS in Appalachia
Amy Lansky & Shari Steinberg

The Epidemiology of Syphilis in the Appalachian Region
Kimberly K. Fox & Emmett B. Swint

Characteristics of HIV/AIDS Community-Based Organizations in Appalachia: An Overview
Timothy A. Akers, William G. Hervy, Linda Lampkin & Kieran J. Fogarty

HIV Education, Prevention, and Outreach Programs in Rural Texas
Robert J. Buchanan, Bonnie J. Chakravorty, Miguel A Zuniga & Jane N. Bolin

Sexually Transmitted Disease Diagnosis by Rural and Non-Rural Physicians: A National Comparison of Practices
Richard A. Crosby, Janet S. St. Lawrence, Danuta Kasprzyk & Daniel E. Montano

Self-reported Depression and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among a National Sample of Rural High School Students
Robin R. Milhausen, William L. Yarber & Richard Crosby

An Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Education in Thailand Using a Video Approach
Noy S. Kay, Mohammad R. Torabi & Ifeng Jeng

HIV/AIDS Education: A Culturally Competent Approach for Hispanic/Latino
Haydee Encarnacion-Garcia & Mohammad R. Torabi

When to Ask?, When to Tell? Perceived Responsibility to Disclose HIV Status to Sexual Partners
Michael Reece & Bryce D. Smith

Motivation of Self, Partner, and Couple to Use Male Condoms: Associations With Condom Use Errors and Problems
Cynthia A. Graham, Richard Crosby, Stephanie A. Sanders & William L. Yarber

Gender Differences in Risk Behaviors Associated With Multiple Sex-partners Among U.S. Adolescents: The 2001 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey
Millicent Fleming-Moran & Bilesha Perera

Social Theory in HIV Prevention Programs: A Survey of Prevention Programs
James G. Anderson & Heather R. Rodriguez