Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention


Every two years, RCAP sponsors the publication of a special issue of The Health Education Monograph, published by Eta Sigma Gamma, the National Professional Health Education Honorary. The monographs feature research articles largely focusing on HIV/STD-related issues in rural areas. Monograph articles are posted below and copies of the monograph are available upon request.

Articles Published in 2008 RCAP Monograph

The Health Education Monograph
Published by Eta Sigma Gamma, National Professional Health Education Honorary
Volume 25, Number 2, 2008

Table of Contents

Modeling AIDS cases in non-metropolitan areas of the United States, 1993-2010
Timothy G. Heckman, Victor Heh, Steven D. Pickerton, Timothy A. Akers, William L. Yarber & Gary Ellis

Do rural and non-rural single, young adults differ in their risk and protective HIV/STD behaviors: Results from a national survey
William L. Yarber, Robin R. Milhausen, Bin Huang & Richard A. Crosby

Characteristics of Hispanic/Latino individuals tested for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in programs funded by the Indiana State Department of Health
Janet N. Arno & James B. Luther

Correlates of intent to be vaccinated against HPV: An exploratory study of rural and urban young males
Richard A. Crosby, Joe Benitz & April Young

Public opinion in Indiana regarding the vaccination of middle school students for HPV
Robin R. Milhausen, Richard A. Crosby & William L. Yarber

The stigma of sexually transmitted infections: Knowledge, attitudes, and an educationally-based intervention
Bronwen Lichtenstein, Tess M. Neal & Stanley L. Brodsky

Is growing up in a rural area associated with less HIV/STD-related risk? A brief report from an Internet sample
William L. Yarber, Robin R. Milhausen, Richard A. Crosby, Cynthia A. Graham & Stephanie A. Sanders

Promising approaches to rural HIV /STD prevention
Susan Dreisbach & Melody Moyer

Starting late, ending early: Correlates of incomplete condom use among young adults
Stephanie A. Sanders, Cynthia A. Graham, William L. Yarber & Richard A. Crosby

The impact of rural migration, poverty, and weakened global economies on the continued risk in HIV transmission rates
Leila Dabbagh, Mohammad R. Torabi & Kimberly Heiftje