Come to our office hours:

*This semester (Fall 2011) we are located in the Bryan Room in the IMU's student tower.

Graduating in December? Or looking to take a semester off?

Aiesec offers internships for just about any student and major!

AIESEC is offering students who will be graduating or available during Spring 2012 an internship in one of the 113 (and growing!) countries connected with AIESEC. We will help you find a job in a country for a length of time that suites you (between 6-72 weeks)! Currently, we are only accepting applications from those that are available to start an internship either now or by January. If you would like to go at another time email us at

Please specify where and when you would like to go!

Also make sure to check out our Facebook page!



We prefer for applicants to fully understand what AIESEC is about and to decide if they are the best candidate for an AIESEC internship and if an AIESEC internship is the best fit for them. There is a lot of information provided on the following websites:

Or, do a google search for AIESEC Also, Youtube provides a great outlet to visually see the culture and lifestyle of AIESECers around the country and world.

If you have any other questions, visit our office hours!


Now that you've had all of your questions answered and are ready to commit to AIESEC, fill out an application online at

Once you have fully completed the application, we will review your submission and our selection panel will decide if you are a good fit.


If you are selected, one of our experienced AIESEC members at Indiana University will interview you. The selection panel will then again review your application and interview and contact you with either an acceptance or rejection letter.


Once we have accepted you as an Exchange Participant you will be required to attend two 30 min AIESEC meetings per week.

These meetings are to help you find an internship in a timely fashion as well as learn about the AIESEC and international culture.


Feel free to explore our website to learn more about what AIESEC can offer you. If you have any questions, please e-mail the AIESEC Indiana Outgoing Exchange team.