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What kind of traineeships are available through AIESEC?

Management Traineeships (MT) – Positions in the corporate sector in fields such as marketing, human resources, finance, and business administration. MT positions pay an ample salary to cover food, housing, and local transportation costs.

Development Traineeships (DT) – Positions in the NGO / non-profit sector in fields including community empowerment, fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic, social entrepreneurship, and environment/sustainability. DT positions generally cover living expenses (food, housing, local transportation), but do not provide a salary.

Education/Linguistic Traineeships (ET) – Most commonly teaching English, but may also include teaching other subjects. ET positions pay an ample salary to cover food, housing, and local transportation costs.

Technical Traineeships (TT) – Positions in the information technology and engineering sector. TT positions are less common and often require specific skills and practical knowledge.

Over 4,000 MTs, DTs, ETs, and TTs are available each year in over 100 countries. Traineeships last from 6 weeks to 18 months.

Contact AIESEC Indiana's Outgoing Exchange team to discuss how to find the best traineeship to suit your interests.

What special programs exist within the AIESEC network?

The Salaam Program - This joint program between AIESEC US, US State Department, and AIESEC in Bahrain, Quatar, and Oman promotes peace and mutual understanding between the US and Arab world. The Salaam Program includes MTs, DTs, ETs, and TTs. Salam traineeships last 2 to 12 months.

Can I get immediate access to the traineeship database?

The process to get to the database is simple, but not necessarily swift. The first step is to create an account on myaiesec.net. Please apply to the exchange program and contact the Outgoing Exchange team.

Which countries have especially abundant traineeship opportunities?

Certain countries have especially plentiful opportunities, which make them easier to match.

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