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What We Offer

AIESEC provides international strategic talent acquisition for corporations and organizations in the United States. We allow companies to expand and diversify their human resource network by providing access to over 50,000 talented students and graduates in over 100 countries.

Companies use AIESEC as the premier source of young, international talent. Additionally, AIESEC provides the cultural and logistical services necessary to maintain a global workforce. AIESEC offers customized solutions such as sourcing global talent, facilitating entry and integration into diverse cultures, and sponsorship of the J-1 training visa.

Organizations that benefit the most ...

Companies Benefit From:

A partnership with driven, customer-focused Indiana University students

Highly productive international talent at a cost significantly lower than that of comparable domestic candidates

AIESEC searches our international database and presents only the resumes of candidates who meet your customized criteria

Hassle-free Recruiting:
AIESEC completely integrates the trainee into the United States before his or her first day at work

Traineeships last from 8 weeks to 18 months

AIESEC can secure a J-1 visa in 4 to 8 weeks

Riskless Recruiting:
The one-time, tax-deductible $2,000 fee per candidate (adjusted for various factors) is paid only upon final selection of the candidate and covers all services within the exchange program, including sourcing, visa processing, and integration.

Are you a non-profit organization?

Don't worry; AIESEC is right for you, too! AIESEC provides traineeships in four areas: Technology, Education, Development, and Management. If you are looking for someone to lead a new project for the community, someone to train other employees, someone to create a database or information system at a relatively inexpensive cost, AIESEC is the perfect organization for you to partner with!

What do we get out of the deal?

College students use AIESEC to have an international internship. AIESEC's local communities send hundreds of students and recent graduates abroad through programs that range in duration and diversity from summer internships in Peru to year-long positions in India . Unlike any other program out there, AIESEC has an on-the-ground network that will arrange housing, secure the appropriate visa, greetings at the airport, and ensure that delegates see all their country has to offer.

But what else?

Diplomats use AIESEC as one of the most powerful tools for social change the world has ever seen. For more than 60 years, AIESEC has pushed beyond the boundaries of borders and created a global community comprised of individuals operating out of more than 1700 universities around the world. In 2003, AIESEC received a grant from the U.S. Dept. of State to facilitate cultural exchange between the U.S. and Middle Eastern countries.

Why is all of this important in the world today?

AIESEC members use the organization as a vehicle for promoting cultural understanding and building their own leadership skills. AIESEC's mission statement is to contribute to the development of our countries and their people with an overriding commitment to international understanding and cooperation.

By contracting with AIESEC, you will help the world come one step closer to interaction and understanding across cultural and regional borders. Don't just ignore what's happening - get in on the action!

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