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The American Indian Student Association, a student organization at Indiana University Bloomington has three missions. One is to act as a social and academic support group for American Indian Students. As a result, the organization seeks to increase the rate of graduation as well as to promote academic success among American Indian students. Another is to increase awareness of the presence of the indigenous people of the American continents on the Indiana University campus and to promote the integrity of Native cultures. The third is to extend our services to the general community so as to promote education concerning American Indians in local, state, and national events. We are comprised of a variety of tribal affiliations and are actively planning many events which range from social activities to prominent guest speakers and lecturers on Indian-related topics.

To contact us:

First Nations Educational and Cultural Center
Weatherly Hall 203
400 N Sunrise Drive          
Bloomington, IN 47405
Phone: 812-855-4814 
Email: fnecc@indiana.edu

American Indian Student Association