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If you are interested in becoming a member of the American Indian Student Association, feel free to contact us! We proudly accept any IU undergraduate representing any age, sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identification, race, culture, creed, color, nationality, marital status, or disability. fnecc@indiana.edu

AISA President

Nathen Steininger

E-mail: natstein@umail.iu.edu

AISA Vice President

Laura Reagan

AISA Treasurer

Dell Criscenzo

AISA Secretary

Becca Riall

AISA Historian

Laura Reagan (left)

E-mail: midnightsun465@yahoo.com

E-mail: mpoppins@indiana.edu

E-mail: rlriall@indiana.edu

E-mail: midnightsun465@yahoo.com

To contact us:

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Phone: 812-855-4814
E-mail: fnecc@indiana.edu

American Indian Student Association

First Nations Educational and Cultural Center
Weatherly Hall 203
400 N Sunrise Drive
Bloomington, IN 47405