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About Us

Ascend Indiana University Bloomington is founded in 2010, as the local chapter of Ascend, the premier nation-wide professional organization dedicated to enabling its members, business partners and the community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asians. ASCEND provides lifelong support to members??career and personal growth, with events and programs benefiting undergraduate members and executive level alumni alike.

Our national and regional chapter programs help us:

  • Cultivate the leadership development and professional growth of members
  • Build eminence and visibility for Asians and to provide role models
  • Provide business growth opportunities for our members and corporate partners
  • Encourage the continuous presence and influence of Asians in the global economy
  • Bridge the ?śCultural Difference gap between Asian and Western cultures
  • Serve the public interest in the community and provide thought leadership

Ascend National's website

The benefits that you will receive as an official member includes:

1. Join our Exclusive Development Program
2. Have the opportunity to sign-up for a director position in a committee
3. Join our Student Leadership Conference later in the semester
4. Preference list for Company presentation and exclusive events that is open to official members only


Past events

Why Ascend?

Ascend offers a variety of opportunities that are beneficial to anyone. Whether you are applying for jobs, seeking more information on different career, want to network with professionals, or want to develop professional and leadership abilities, we can help! Our events and workshops aim to develop Asians and Pacific Islanders as well as to connect with professionals in various careers who serve as role models.

Ascend IUB Chapter welcomes individuals of all majors, concentrations, class standing, race and ethnicity. As long as you have an interest in enhancing the presence and influence of current and future business leaders of Asian and Pacific Islander descent, we welcome you!

Benefits you can expect:

As a paid member (just $25 per calendar year), you will receive the following benefits:

  • Free admission to Ascend IU Chapter events
  • Attend a variety of amazing events and workshops
  • Network with professional Ascend members
  • Participate in our Professional Development Program
  • Participate in one of our committees, and gain leadership and a wide range of experience

How to become an Official Member:

To become an Official member, you must:

1. Go to Ascend National's website and Sign-up under the "Why Join?" for $25. Please put IU chapter as your hosting chapter.
2. Send the receipt that will be e-mailed to you to iu@ascendleadership.org for membership confirmation.
3. Wait and get an e-mail from us confirming your registration as an official member.

What's Exclusive Development Programs?

The Exclusive Development Programs is a program targeted at freshmen and sophomores. Professional Development Program seeks to enhance students personal and professional development by introducing a variety of essential business skills.

How do Exclusive Programs work?

The Professional Development Program class meets every week, with weekly assignments dedicated to fundamental business topics such as: professionalism, business attire, networking and interviewing, team-building, business presentation and event planning.

The program includes two phases:
The 1st phase starts with building connections to future employees and concludes with interview preparation.

The 2nd phase focuses on how new employees (after being hired) can excel in corporate environment through teamwork, presentation and management skills and spans across 8 weeks and is held . Note that the first and last week of this 8-week time frame will be set aside for introduction and reflection.

Here's the process:

PHASE 1:                                                                                                            PHASE 2:

What is the Case Workshop ?

ASCEND Case Workshop program aims to get its participants ahead in case competitions. It provides challenging yet rewarding case workshops that develop participants analysis, teamwork, and presentation skills.

How does the Case Workshop work?

The Case Workshop meets weekly in a workshop format. During the workshops, selected participants will develop skills necessary to ace case competitions. Topics covered include: case analysis, teamwork skill, slides construction, and case delivery. Our objective is to equip our graduating class with expertise and confidence, so that they will become stronger candidates in any case competition.
The Case Workshop spans across 3 sessions and will be held on Sunday at 4pm. Note that all admitted participants are required to read the case distributed prior to the first class meeting.


Andrew Tan Yi Rong

Hometown: Singapore, Singapore
Major: Accounting ,Finance, Entrepreneurship

Andrew Tan Yi Rong

Hello Ascenders! It is my pleasure to serve Ascend IUB. Regarding the two semesters of 2013-14 academic year, I will be working to my maximum capacity to accomplish the following two things on top of our current system:
1. Raising more academic/career awareness in the field of technology (ex. Information Process Management, Technology Co-major, informatics etc)

2. Increasing interaction opportunities among all the Ascend members. To make these two things happen, Ascend needs your input, I mean your good input :).
I believe in G.I.G.O (Good things In, Goods things Out). As one of the biggest Pan-Asian communities at IU, Ascend constantly faces a numerous opportunities to explore and prove our infinite capabilities. With your inputs of passion, ambition, and intelligence, I firmly believe, Ascend will generate numerous benefits that will improve all of our abilities to progress and readily confront more opportunities that await us.
Let's have another great year and make the best of our time in college!

Secretary & Treasurer

Claudia Gunawan

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Major: Finance,Accounting

Claudia Gunawan

Bridging among Ascend Family, whether it be between different committees or between our leadership team and our members. Keeping you updated with the latest events, workshops and other great opportunities to get involved and start Ascending! Want to find out more? Do you want to be a part of our Ascend experience? We welcome you to contact us right away!

Yang Zhang

Hometown: Lianyungang, China
Major:Accounting, Technology Management

Yang Zhang

Managing cash inflow and outflow, facilitating between Ascend and IU Student Organization Account. Making sure that Ascend takes full advantage of the funds we have and to keep track of it. This semester,I also function internally as a director of Finance Committee to generate fund raising ideas and to facilitate the communication between the Finance Committee and the Board.

External Committee

Ada He

The external committee develops and maintains strong relationships with partner firms and organizations. We provide invaluable networking and professional development opportunities to Ascend members, and refer outstanding young leaders to empower growth in our professional partners' businesses.

Ada He

Hometown: Fujian, China
Major: Accounting, Finance, Technology Management

  • Directors:

  • Xianning (Serena) Zhong, Junior, Accounting,
  • Haoqi Wang, Junior, Finance,
    Technology Management
  • Eugenia Liew, Junior, Finance & Accounting
  • Ji Lee, Sophomore, Accounting & Finance

Internal Committee

Juyeon Han

The internal committee utilizes in-school resources to provide members more opportunity for their future professional careers and their social network. Those resources may include UCSO, other organizations, and librarians. Our goal is to provide young leaders to learn their professional skills through the events and create a better community, which will generate better social network.
Welcome to Ascend!

Juyeon Han

Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Major: Telecommunication
Minor: Business Management, Entreprenuership

  • Directors:

  • Donny Lee, Sophomore, Apparel Merchandising
  • Daniel Kyung, Junior, Marketing. Apparel Merchandising
  • Seowon Choi, Sophomore, Apparel Merchandising
  • Yujia (Zoe) Huang, Senior, Marketing

Professional Development Committee

Michelle Lim Ming Zhen

Exclusive Professional Development is responsible for promoting programs enhancing Ascend members' business professionalism. Two programs are run by this committee: Professional Development Program and Case Workshop (CW). Professional Development Program seeks to enhance students personal and professional development by introducing a variety of essential business skills. CW aims to get you ahead on case competitions; it provides challenging yet rewarding case workshops that develop participants analysis, teamwork, and presentation skills.

Michelle Lim Ming Zhen

Hometown: Singapore, Singapore
Major: Finance & Economic Consulting

  • Directors:

  • Il-Young Chun, Junior, Information Process Management
  • Teo Yi Teng, Sophomore, Finance & Technology Management
  • Helen Wang, Junior, Accounting, Technology Management

Finance Committee

Julian Baek

The finance committee initiates and organizes the fundraising events to support daily operation of Ascend. We monitors the organization?™s financial records and create of accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements for the board. Our mission is to help Ascend more efficient from financial perspective.

Julian Baek

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major: Marketing, Operations

  • Directors:

  • Isabelle Chen, Junior, Accounting, Finance
  • Vu Bui, Junior, Finance, Business Economics

Performance Improvement Committee

Cecilia (Shi Yi) Li

As a strategic catalyst in Ascend, we are dedicated to the quality member experiences delivered with strong inspiration, great aspiration, individual success and Ascend spirit. Our core mission and competency is developing, supporting and improving programs and events that add value to Ascend members by gathering and analyzing member data and feedback.

Cecilia (Shi Yi) Li

Hometown: Chongqing, China
Major: Information Systems, Supply Chain Management

  • Directors:

  • Sumin Kim, Junior, Marketing
  • Hui Li, Junior, Accounting & Finance
  • Siying (Annie) Huang, Junior, Accounting & Finance

IT Committee

Kevin Chen

From website to forum to photography to social media, we're not only a group of tech savvies. Beyond the traditional view, we're helping Ascenders to have a place to learn, to connect, and to ascend.

Kevin Chen

Hometown: Naperville, USA
Major: Information Systems Minor: Chinese

  • Directors:

  • Janghan Choi, Junior, Informatics
  • Reese Lu, Sophomore, IPM, Fine Arts,
  • Xinning Wu, Junior, Informatics Process Management
  • Xinlu (Evelyn) Liu, Junior, Informatics Process Management
    Supply Chain Management

Faculty Advisor

Judy Steiner-Williams

Senior Lecturer
Business Communications Department
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University

Student Advisor

Alice Zhou

Master of Science in Accounting

Kelley School of Business
Indiana University, Bloomington

Hyung Jik (Jake) Lee

Master of Science in Information Systems

Kelley School of Business
Indiana University, Bloomington