Adult Cognition and Language Laboratory

Department of Speech and Hearing Science
Indiana University
Lab Director - Dr. Laura Murray


Equipment and Resources:

The Adult Language and Cognition Laboratory includes laptop computers, and audio- and videotaping equipment for data collection. There also are four Macintosh computer workstations equipped with software programs for stimulus presentation, data collection, language sample analyses, as well as statistical and data analyses. Within the lab, there are two rooms for testing or treatment sessions both equipped with a two-way mirror for observation. A large corpus of standardized language, cognition, and perception testing materials for the adolescent through adult population is also available.


Current Projects:

Ongoing research projects include the assessment of attention and language in a variety of patient populations (e.g., aphasia, right hemisphere brain damage) using dual-task paradigms, identification of normal age-related changes in executive functioning and pragmatics, single-subject treatment studies for adults with aphasia and traumatic brain injury, and in-depth syntactic, lexical-semantic, and pragmatic analyses of Alzheimer's disease patients' discourse.


Computer Programs:

Word frequency and length calculation program (Python):