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Faculty » Mary Embry

Senior Lecturer

Phone: (812) 855-3511

Mary EmbryMary Embry is a senior lecturer engaged in global sustainability issues in the retail industry. Her courses typically incorporate combinations of integrative and interdisciplinary learning, internationalized curriculum, servant leadership mindsets, and information literacy goals. These methods give students the opportunity to emerge as global citizens with competitive ability to become future-oriented retail industry transformers.
She is interested in global apparel supply chain sustainability frameworks, particularly the development of high bar standard articulation for apparel production and the sustainability concerns of small-scale development centered industries. Her in-community work looks to understand consumer and producers' interpretations and perceptions of the connections between each other. She is Affiliated Faculty with the School of Global and International Studies and the Integrated Program in the Environment. She serves on the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board and is Co-Chair of the Resource Use and Recycling Working Group in the Office of Sustainability.

She has worked in retail development and advocacy within the Fair Trade movement in the United States since 2004 when she began a Fair Trade advocacy non-profit, Fair Trade Bloomington, which worked collaboratively with students and Global Gifts, Inc. to open a Fair Trade retail store in Bloomington, Indiana and in 2013 designated Bloomington as a Fair Trade Town. She coordinates service-learning in Fair Trade outreach with professors and students across campus through the Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE) program in the Office of Service Learning. As a member of the Fair Trade Campaigns Fair Trade Towns Committee, she advocates in order to expand awareness and purchasing in the United States Fair Trade movement. She has traveled to the Dominican Republic, Uganda, Kenya, China, and Ecuador to experience the lives of Fair Trade artisans. Currently she is investigating product development projects in Guatemala.

A graduate of Indiana University, Professor Embry has a MS in Apparel Merchandising. She has twice  received the Beth Wood Distinguished Service-Learning Faculty Award, has been recognized as an Internationalization Collaborative Across Bloomington Fellow, a Sam Walton Fellow, and an Office of Service-Learning Faculty Fellow. She has also twice been nominated for a City of Bloomington Be More Award.

Professor Embry newest interdisciplinary courses integrate the work of design and retail students in a studio environment. She collaborates with Professor Marleen Newman on integrative learning processes, including utilizing virtual studio platforms that allow between course development of studio culture. She is also interested in the use of teaching technology that fosters out of class learning opportunities in traditional lecture based classrooms.

Recent Publications include:

Embry, M.C., Nicholson, N. & Scarfino, D. (2013) Lasting learning: measuring impact and success through sustainability. In P. L. Lin & M. R. Wiegand (Eds.), Service Learning in Higher Education: Connecting the Global to the Local. University of Indianapolis Press

Winge, T. M. & Embry, M.C. (2013) Fashion-design podcast initiative: Emerging technologies and fashion design teaching strategies. In Wankel, L. Blessinger, P. & Wankel C. (Eds.) Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education Series, Vol. 6D. Increasing Student Engagement and Retention using Mobile Applications: Smartphones, Skype and Texting Technologies. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Group.


F301 Dress Studies: Sustainable Fashion, Fall
R416 Sustainability in Product, Fall
R404 International Textiles and Apparel Trade, Spring/Fall
C380 the Columbus Integrated Studio, Spring

rdmg - Retail Design + Merchandising Group