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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

Ilana Gershon « Committee on NAIS

Picture of Ilana Gershon

Associate Professor of Communication and Culture

Office: 215 Classroom Office Building
Phone: (812) 856-3728
E-mail: igershon at


I am an anthropologist of democracy and multiculturalism. Most recently, I’m working on an historical study of how Māori politicians have contributed to the current legal structures affecting Māori, the indigenous population in New Zealand. This is an apt case because Māori members of the New Zealand Parliament have helped fashion one of the most successful indigenous rights movements and have contributed visibly to the current Māori Renaissance. Through a historical study of Māori politicians’ legislative strategies and speeches, I address a question central to the politics of recognition and to the study of law more broadly: how does indigenous self-representation in parliament shape the ways a nation’s politics of recognition unfolds?

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