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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

Dissertation Titles


Chambers, Alex The Idea of Progress at Krotz Springs: Ecology, Memory, and History's Violence at the Edge of the Anthropocene.

Cruz, Yari Rios Negotiating a Hemispheric Latinidad: Latin American Representations of Latinos/as in the U.S.

Kendall, Nzingha Imperfect Independence: Black Women's Experimental Cinema.



Barwick, Clark Obscurity, Blackness, and the Making of the Harlem Renaissance, 1919-Present.

Ellapen, Jordache From Black to Brown: Race, Diaspora, and Post-apartheid South Africa.

Hain, Mark Revamped: Theda Bara, Cultural Memory, and the Repurposing of Star Image.

Heusel, Jennifer Why Do These Silly Things Exist?: Postracial, Free Market Logics in Local Discourse about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Rawlins, Justin Method Men: Race, Gender, and Performance Style in U.S. Culture 1922-1957.

Reichard, Ruth Sick in the City: Isolation and Policy in Times of Crisis.

Ritsma, Natasha The Postwar "Arts Explosion" in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction: the Production, Distribution and Exhibition of Non-Theatrical Films on Art.

Schreiber, Holly Representations of Poverty in American Literary Journalism.

Stanley, Kimberly Pulling Down the House and Tearing Up the Yard: Constructing, Policing, and Containing Black Masculinity, 1920-1960.


Church, David Retrosploitation: Cultural Memory, Home Video, and Contemporary Experiences of Exploitation Film Fandom.

Clare, Callie Off the Road: American Identity and Modification of Off-Road Trucks.

Eckelmann, Susan Freedom's Little Lights: The Role of Youth during the Black Freedom Struggle, 1954-1965.


Abnet, Dustin Robots, Automation, and the Coming of Post-Industrial America.

Benedetti, Mark Beneath New York: The Formation and Effects of Canons in American Underground Film Movements.

Burnett, Katherine "The most thrilling event of the night was the arrival at the stage station": The Nostrum Springs Stage Station, Thermopolis, Wyoming, in Archaeological and Social Context.

Gillis, William Say No to the Liberal Media: Conservatives and Criticism of the News Media in the 1970s.

Hardesty, Jacob "the Jazz Problem:" The Victorian-Modern Tension in 1920s Secondary and Tertiary Schools.

Kinnally, Cara Writing America: Transnational Discourses of Empire, Race, and Community Formation in Greater Mexico.

Krus, Anthony A Chronology for Warfare in the Mississippian Period (AD 1000-1500).

Lahey, Michael Soft Control: Television's Relationship to Digital Micromedia.

McGoey, Elizabeth Staging Modern Domesticity: Art and Constructed Interior Displays in America, 1925-1940.

Tate, Lauren Cordes Pioneering Identity on the Frontier: Images of African Americans in the West, 1840-1900.


Chamberlain, Ed Speaking Out to Survive: Literary Activism and Queer Domesticity in Life Writing.

Christensen, Chad Conflicting Motivations and a Complex Professional Environment: The Lived Professional Experiences of Adjunct Faculty at a Community College.

Hogue, Kellie "We Are All Related": Kinship, Identity, and Pilgrimage in the Kateri Movement.

Rubens, Amy Making Medicine in America: A Literary Account, 1870-1950.

Sahney, Puja "Religion and Houses in a Transnational Setting: A Study of Interior Decoration of Hindu Immigrants from India in the United States.


Amine, Laila Algerian Paris: Place, Identity, and the War.

Blandford, Jonathan The People vs.: Criminals and Their Publics in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature.

Carter-David, Siobhan Fashioning Essence Women and Ebony Men: Sartorial Instruction and the New Politics of Racial Uplift in Print, 1970-1993.

Ford, Tanisha Soul Generation: Radical Fashion, Beauty, and the Transnational Black Liberation Movement, 1954-1980.

Keeler, Amanda Sugar-Coat the Educational Pill: The Educational Promise of Emergent Film, Radio and Television.

Lemay, Kate Forgotten Memorials: The American Cemeteries in France from World War II.

Palm, Nancy Thomas Cole's Indian Landscapes, Racial Politics, and the National Landscape.

Segal, Shira Home Movies and Home Birth - The Avant-garde Childbirth Film and Pregnancy in New Media.

Vogan, Travis NFL Films and the Pro Football Experience.


Amsden, Brian Liberal Rhetorical Praxis and the Youth Rights Debates.

Berkey, James Imperial Correspondence: Soldiers, Writing, and the Imperial Quotidian during the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars.

Higgins, David The Inward Urge: Science Fiction After Colonialism.

Loechle, Anne Ye Intruders Beware: Fantastical Pirates in the Golden Age of Illustration.

Maxwell, Donald Unguarded Border: The Movement of People and Ideas between the United States and Canada during the Vietnam.


Aldred, Benjamin The Act of History: American Folklore, Performative Structure and National Identity.

Cafer du Plessis, Elizabeth Meatless Days and Sleepless Nights: Food, Agriculture, and Environment in World War I America.

Christensen, Danille Constructing Value: Women, Scrapbooking, and the Framing of Daily Experience.

Dass-Wilen, Rhonda Native American Symbols in Tattooing.

Friedman, Seth The Truth is Out There: Cultural Paranoia, New Media Technologies, and the Contemporary Hollywood Misdirection Film.

Lash, Sarah Singing the Dream: The Bardic Arts of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Rubin, Robert Establish No Religion: Faith, Law, and Public Education in Mobile, Alabama, 1981-1987.

Salahuddin, Mohammad Patterns of Intergroup Conflict and the Predicament of Justice in South Africa.

Trice, Jasmine Transnational Cinema, Transcultural Capital: Cinema Distribution and Exhibition in Metro-Manila, Philippines, 2006-2009.

Uechi, Naomi Frank Lloyd Wright's Transcendentalist Evolution.


Bradley, Matthew A Journey Against the Tides: Documentary Film Production as Pedagogical Practice and Counterstory.

Castillo, Jeanette Agonistic Democracy and the Narrative of Distempered Elites: An Analysis of Citizen Discourse on Political Message Forums.

McConnell, Kathleen Inventing Pluralistic Education: Compulsory Schooling as a Technique of Democratic Deliberation.

McTaggart, Ursula Radicalism in America's "Industrial Jungle": Metaphors of the Primitive and the Industrial in Activist Texts.

Parker, Chad Transports of Progress: The Arabian American Oil Company and American Modernization in Saudi Arabia, 1945-1973.

Smallwood, Amber Mapping Programming Decision-Making of PBS Member Stations: Negotiating along Centralized-distributed Power and Nonprofit-for Profit Orientation Continua in Program Selection and Scheduling.

Trager Bohley, Kimberly Beyond Domestic Borders and Back: an American Transnational Bookseller in Southeast Asia.

Yaudes, Cynthia Working an Image: Radical Labor Newspapers and the American Tabloid Press, 1919-1922.