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Department of American Studies College of Arts and Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take American Studies classes while I’m working on my Master’s Degree in another department?

  • We encourage you to take AMST classes as soon as you like. However, if you do not enter the Ph.D. level these courses will only count as electives for your MA. You must be admitted to a Ph.D. program before the AMST courses will count toward an AMST minor or combined degree.

Q: Can my MA degree transfer credit satisfy any American Studies credit?

  • The College of Arts and Sciences allows a maximum of 30 hours of transfer credits to help fulfill the 90 hours required for the Ph.D. The transfer credits can only be counted for one department—your major department or the AMST combined degree—not both.

Q: Should I pursue a combined degree?

  • After surveying our website, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, amstdgs at

Q: If I decide to pursue the combined degree, should I take my home department exams before or after I take my qualifying exam in AMST?

  • We recommend you take your home department comprehensive exams prior to taking your AMST Qualifying Exam. The AMST exam must be taken within 1 year of your major exams.

Q: How do I set up my exam in American Studies?

Q: Does American Studies have a minor Ph.D. program?

  • Yes, American Studies offer two minors; AMST Ph.D. minor and an NAIS Ph.D. minor.