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This resource is meant as a supplement to lab and not a replacement for going to lab. Actual physical contact with the models and slides is the best way to learn the terms. WE WILL BE TESTING YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE MODELS, SLIDES, and CADAVERS IN LAB, NOT THE PICTURES in the introductions!!!
Topic Lab Guide Chapter
Introduction, Cell Introduction; 1
Skeletal: skull 4(I-II, B)
Epithelia & Connective Tissues 2
Skeletal: axial, upper limb 4(II.A-C; III.A)
Integumentary; skeletal: histology 3;4(V)
Skeletal: lower limb, articulations 4(III.B, IV)
Muscular: head/neck/trunk-1, histology 5(I-II, IV)
Muscular: head/neck/trunk-2, limbs-1 5(I-II, III.A)
Muscular: limbs-2 5(III)
Nervous: CNS-1 5; 6(I, II.A)
Nervous: CNS-2 (spinal cord), histology 6(I, II.B, IV)
Nervous: CNS-3 (brain) 6(I, II.C)
Nervous: eye & ear 6(V)
Nervous: cranial nerves; Circulatory: vessels-1 6(III.A); 7(I, III)
Nervous: spinal nerves; Circulatory: vessels-2 6(III.B); 7(III)
Circulatory: heart 7(II)
Circulatory: lymphatic system, histology 7(IV, V)
Respiratory 8
Digestive: histology 9(I, VI)
Digestive: gross structures 9(I-V)
Urinary 10
Reproductive 11

All ELECTRON MICROGRAPHS can be downloaded.


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