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1. What embryonic structure is partitioned into the aorta and pulmonary trunk?

a. Left atrioventricular opening
b. Truncus Arteriosus
c. Sinoatrial orifice
d. Sinus venosus
e. Don't know

2. When does the muscular interventricular septum begin to form?

a. End of 3rd week of development
b. End of 4th week of development
c. End of 5th week of development
d. End of 8th week of development
e. Don't know

3. Which statement is TRUE about the aorticopulmonary septum?

a. It is formed from two conotruncal ridges that fuse together
b. it eventually closes off the interventricular septum
c. two of the above
d. none of the above
e. Don't know

4. The membranous ventricular septum is formed primarily by the:

a. aorticopulmonary septum
b. fused endocardial cushions
c. tissue extensions from the muscular ventricular septum
d. primitive ventricle
e. Don't know

5. Which statement is CORRECT about the aorta and pulmonary trunk?

a. blood from the right ventricle exits via the aorta
b. oxygenated blood flows through the pulmonary trunk which then splits into left and right pulmonary arteries
c. the proximal part of the pulmonary trunk is located anterior to the proximal part of the aorta
d. none of the above are correct
e. Don't know

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