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1. Which pathway correctly describes blood flow through the developing heart?

a. Truncus arteriosus -> ventricle -> atrium -> atrioventricular canal
b. Atrium -> ventricle -> atrioventricular canal -> truncus arteriosus
c. Atrium -> atrioventricular canal -> ventricle -> truncus arteriosus
d. Truncus arteriosus -> ventricle -> atrioventricular canal ->atrium
e. Don't know

2. The superior endocardial cushion is also called the ___________ endocardial cushion.

a. Anterior
b. Posterior
c. Dorsal
d. Two of the above
e. Don't know

3. The inferior endocardial cushion also is called the _________ endocardial cushion.

a. Ventral
b. Dorsal
c. Anterior
d. Two of the above
e. Don't know

4. Which statement is TRUE about the atrioventricular canal division?

a. Superior and ventral endocardial cushions fuse to form left and right atrioventricular canals.
b. While the endocardial cushions grow together and fuse, the atrioventricular canal is repositioned to the left of the heart.
c. In the prenatal heart, blood travels through the right atrioventricular opening only.
d. None of the above
e. Don't know


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