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1. In the fetus, blood bypasses the liver by traveling through which vessel?

a. hepatic portal vein
b. ductus arteriosus
c. ductus venosus
d. umbilical artery
e. Don't know

2. Oxygenated blood travels from the placenta to the fetus through the:

a. umbilical vein
b. umbilical artery
c. aorta
d. ductus arteriosus
e. Don't know

3. In the fetus, oxygenated blood from the placenta first enters the___________ of the heart.

a. left atrium
b. left ventricle
c. right atrium
d. right ventricle
e. Don't know

4. Which embryonic structure is NOT correctly matched with its postnatal derivative?

a. umbilical artery - medial umbilical ligament
b. ductus venosus - ligamentum venosum
c. ductus arteriosus - ligamentum teres
d. foramen ovale - fossa ovalis
e. Don't know

5. When a baby is born and takes its first breath, the change in pulmonary pressure causes which embryonic vessel to constrict?

a. ductus venosus
b. umbilical vein
c. umbilical artery
d. ductus arteriosus
e. Don't know

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