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1. The pericardium starts to form during the ________ week of development.

a. 4th
b. 5th
c. 6th
d. 7th
e. Don't know

2. Which statement is true about the pleuropericardial folds?

a. they partition the thorax into a pericardial cavity and two pleural cavities
b. 4th
c. they fuse together by the 7th week of development
d. two of the above
e. Don't know

3. What anatomic structure is located within, and migrates with, each pleuropericardial fold?

a. lung bud
b. phrenic nerve
c. vagus nerve
d. parietal pleura
e. Don't know

4. The pleuropericardial folds initially form and grow along a _________ plane.

a. oblique
b. sagittal
c. transverse (horizontal)
d. coronal (frontal)
e. Don't know

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