Donor Report Instructions and Form

1. Download the form (link below) at the beginning of the semester. Each lab table is responsible for providing a polished, complete report form at the end of the school year.

2. Rename the file with your donor's 4-digit number. so, for example, if you donor has an ID tag with the number 1234, you will rename the electronic document "donor report form 1234.doc"

3. As the year progresses, enter in any anatomical anomalies, evidence of surgery, approximate weight and size of organs dissected.

4. At the end of the report, it would be nice if you wrote a note of appreciation to the donor and his/her family for the gift they bequeathed you.

5. DRAFTS of the donor reports will be due at the end of the fall semester. The drafts should be submitted via email to the A550 instructors. The A550 instructors will comment on the reports, suggest improvements, and return the electronic documents to you.

6. At the end of the spring semester (the Friday of the Spring Banquet), the donor reports are due. Please submit an electronic (not paper) copy to the A550-551 instructors. Final gross anatomy grades will be submitted only after the completed reports are submitted and approved by the instructors.

Click here for the Donor Report Form