Animation Pretest
Rotation of the Intestine

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1. The midgut is supplied by branches of the __________________ artery.

a. celiac trunk
b. splenic
c. superior mesenteric
d. inferior mesenteric
e. Don't know

2. This condition occurs when the intestines fail to return to abdominal cavity in the 10-11th week of development. This condition also is associated with other congenital abnormalities.

a. volvulus
b. ileal (Meckelís) diverticulum
c. hiatal hernia
d. omphalocele
e. Don't know

3. Which of the following statements is true about the rotation of the intestine?

a. After rotation, the cranial limb of the primary intestinal loop is pulled back into the abdominal cavity first, followed by the caudal limb
b. when the intestine returns to the abdominal cavity, the transverse colon and the sigmoid colon become secondarily retroperitoneal
c. total net rotation of the intestine is 270 degrees clockwise, as viewed from the front of the body
d. the primary intestinal loop herniates into the umbilicus beginning the 8th week of development
e. Don't know

4. What adult structure is formed from the caudal limb of the primary intestinal loop?

a. jejunum
b. cecum
c. descending colon
d. sigmoid colon
e. Don't know

5. Which statement is FALSE about the vitelline duct?

a. it connects to the apex of the primary intestinal loop
b. it connects to the yolk sac
c. adult remnants of this duct never are of clinical significance
d. it normally regresses and disappears during the fetal period
e. Don't know

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