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The list below is meant to serve as a quick reference for available courses that count toward the PhD minor in Ancient Studies. For times, location, and faculty please see the Office of the Registrar Schedule of Classes.

Spring 2015


ANTH-E 600 (30318) Peoples and Culture of the Middle East (Shahrani)

ANTH-P600 (29196) Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of China (Hung)

Central Eurasian Studies

CEUS-R 599  The Scythian Empire and the Axial Age of Philosophy-Religion (Beckwith)
CEUS-T 598  Introduction to Aramaic (Beckwith)

Classical Studies

CLAS-C 414 Art and Archaeology of Rome (Leach)
CLAS-C 413 Art and Archaeology of Greece (Kramer)
CLAS-L 429 Roman Letters (Bannon)
CLAS-L 611 Latin Paleography (Balint)

Comparative Literature

CMLT-C 545 The Bible in Western Literature  (Marks)


HIST-H 705 Historians: Herodotus and Thucydides (Robinson)

History of Art

FINA-A 414 Art and Archaeology of Rome (Leach)
FINA-A 413 Art and Archaeology of Greece (Kramer)
FINA-A518 Roman Sculpture (Van Voorhis)
FINA-A566 Early Chinese Painting: Problems in Song-Dynasty Painting (Bloom)


INFO-I 590 Topics in Virtual Heritage (Frischer)

Jewish Studies

JSTU-J 403 Bible & Beyond: Reading Early Jewish Literature  (Mroczek)


PHIL-P 401 Aristotle's Ethics and Politics (Hasper)

Religious Studies

REL-R 521 Paul and His Influence in Early Christianity (Schott)