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The list below is meant to serve as a quick reference for available courses that count toward the PhD minor in Ancient Studies. For times, location, and faculty please see the Office of the Registrar Schedule of Classes.

Fall 2014


P600 Material Culture (Pyburn)

Central Eurasian Studies

T658 Old Iranian Languages: Avestan (Choksy)

Classical Studies

L620 Seminar in Latin History Texts and Historiography (Bannon)

C 412 Art and Archaeology of the Aegean (Kramer-Hajos)

C 503 The Ancient City (Leach)

Folklore and Ethnomusicology

F545 Contemporary Approaches to Myth (Schrempp)


B 348 Byzantine History (Deliyannis)

History of Art

A500 Historiography of Western Art (Bassett)

A616 Problems in Roman Art (Van Voorhis)


I590 Introduction to Virtual Heritage (Frischer)

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

N 695 Ancient Egyptian History and Civilization (Vinson)