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Juan Manuel Soto Arriví, Ph.D. Director of Instructional Technology. Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Course Supervisors

S100-S150: Jennifer O'Daniel, M.A.

S105: Stephanie Goetz, M.A.

S200: Inmaculada Navarro, M.A.

S250: Virginia Hojas, M.A.

S275: Yudis Contreras, ABD


Oscar Cabezas, Elixabete Ansa Goicoechea, Lilly Ibarra, Catalina Méndez Vallejo, Giovanna Urdangarain, José Espericueta, Vicent Moreno, Moraima Mundo Ríos

Art and Sound

• Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.

• Flags courtesy of FOTW Flags Of The World

• National Anthems courtesy of laurasmidiheaven.com


  • Jorge Aguilar: Materials for S105, proofing
  • Irma Alarcón: Cultural Team (South Cone)
  • Carlos Amaya: Cultural Team (South America)
  • Mariche García de las Bayonas: Cultural Team (Spain)
  • Sean McGuire: Materials for S200 and S250
  • Jennifer O'Daniel : Proofing
  • Mario Ortiz: Cultural Team (Central America)
  • Alejandro Puga: Cultural Team (Hispanics in the US)
  • Katy Ratcliff: Edition of S200 and S250 materials
  • Carmen Ruiz Sánchez: Edition of S200 and S250 materials
  • Gwen Stickney: Cultural Team (Mexico)
  • Giovanna Urdangarain: Proofing
  • Miguel Angel Vázquez: Cultural Team (Caribbean)
  • David Wren: Materials for S105, proofing


Our thanks to all these individuals who were kind enough to allow their personal photographs to be used in this project.

Irma Alarcón, Carlos Amaya & Kristin Routt, Anthony Grubbs, Catherine Larson, Jeanne Martínez, Sonia Olivera

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