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Indiana University Bloomington

Graduate Course Offerings

The information below was obtained from the records of the IU Registrar and the faculty who usually teach each course. The "usually offered" and "next offered" columns are not a guarantee that the course will be offered in a particular semester. When planning their degree programs, students should confirm course scheduling and availability with their academic departments and advisors.

1. Animal Behavior Seminar

CourseLast OfferedUsually OfferedNext Offered
ABEH-A501: Seminar in the Integrative Study of Animal BehaviorSpring 2015Every SemesterFall 2015

2. Mechanisms of Behavior

CourseLast OfferedUsually OfferedNext Offered
NEUS-N500: Neural Science IFall 2014FallFall 2015
NEUS-N501: Neural Science IISpring 2015SpringSpring 2016
NEUS-N550: Seminar in Sensorimotor NeuroplasticitySpring 2004Phased OutUnknown
BIOL-L560: Physiological EcologySpring 2015SporadicallyUnknown

3. Evolutionary Perspectives

CourseLast OfferedUsually OfferedNext Offered
ANTH-B568: Evolution of Primate Social BehaviorSpring 2015Every Other YearUnknown
ANTH-B600: Seminar in BioanthropologySpring 2015Every SemesterFall 2015
BIOL-L567: EvolutionFall 2013Fall (Every Other Year)Fall 2015
BIOL-L573: Quantitative Genetics and MicroevolutionBefore Fall 1994Phased OutUnknown
BIOL-L581: Behavioral EcologyFall 2000Phased OutUnknown
BIOL-Z540: Population GeneticsSpring 2004Phased OutUnknown

4. Additional Courses

CourseLast OfferedUsually OfferedNext Offered
BIOL-L505: Evolution and DevelopmentSpring 2004SporadicallyUnknown
BIOL-Z460: Animal BehaviorSpring 2015Every SemesterUnknown
BIOL-Z466: EndocrinologyFall 2013Fall (Every Other Year)Fall 2015
COGS-Q551: Brain and CognitionFall 2014FallFall 2015
COGS-Q700: Seminar in Cognitive ScienceFall 2013Every SemesterUnknown
PSY-P417: Animal BehaviorFall 2003Phased OutUnknown
PSY-P504: Learning and MotivationFall 2006Phased OutUnknown
PSY-P526: Neurobiology of Learning and MemoryFall 2013FallFall 2014
PSY-P527: Developmental PsychobiologySpring 2015Phased OutUnknown
PSY-P717: Evolutionary Bases of LearningSpring 2009Spring (Every Other Year)Unknown


CourseLast OfferedUsually OfferedNext Offered
ABEH-A502: Professional Ethics for the Bio-Behavioral SciencesFall 2013SporadicallyUnknown
PSY-P595: First-Year Research SeminarFall 2014FallFall 2015