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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Degree Program FAQs

The Program in Animal Behavior at Indiana University - Bloomington offers many opportunities for undergraduates to learn about integrative approaches to the study of animal behavior. Undergraduates enrolled at IU-Bloomington may obtain an undergraduate Minor, an Area Certificate, or a Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior through our program. Additionally, each year approximately 10 undergraduates from colleges and universities throughout the United States are selected to participate in our NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program. Those not interested in formal training programs are welcome to participate informally, by attending any of the local events that we sponsor.

What courses do I need to take to fulfill the Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Behavior?

Requirements are listed here.

I've already taken some of the required courses for the B.S. degree. Will they count toward my major when I sign up?

Yes. To see how much further you have to go, download, print, and fill out our Animal Behavior B.S. checklist.

If I want to minor in Animal Behavior, how to I begin?

Students interested in obtaining an undergraduate Minor or Area Certificate in Animal Behavior must first be accepted into a degree-granting program at Indiana University, Bloomington. See information about how to apply to IU and tuition and financial aid from the Office of Admimssions website.

What courses do I need to take to fulfill an undergraduate Minor in the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior?

Requirements are listed here and in the COAS Bulletin.

What courses do I need to take to fulfill an undergraduate Area Certificate in Animal Behavior?

Requirements are listed here and in the COAS Bulletin.

What is the difference between a Minor and an Area Certificate?

The Minor consists of six courses (approximately 17 credit hours) from the departments of Animal Behavior, Biology, Anthropology, Cognitive Science, and/or Psychological Brain Sciences, as explained here. The Area Certificate has the same requirements, plus:

  1. One additional upper-level or field biology course
  2. An internship or semester of independent research with IU faculty, culminating in the submission of a written thesis.

I've already taken some of the required courses. Will they count toward my minor when I sign up?

Yes. To see how much further you have to go, use our interactive Minor/Certificate checklist or the PDF.

Where is the office for the Program in Animal Behavior located?

402 North Park Avenue, at the corner of Park and 8th, two blocks north of the Indiana Memorial Union.

Does Indiana University offer any long-distance computer courses in Animal Behavior?

IU does not offer any online courses in Animal Behavior at this time. To find other institutions that might, check out this Guide to Programs in Animal Behavior published by the Animal Behavior Society. The guide includes universities in the US and Canada. (Some links may be outdated.)

How do I learn more about required courses?

You can look at the course official descriptions in the IUB College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin. You can also see when these courses were last offered, when they're usually offered, and when we expect that they'll be offered next on our course offerings page.

How do I find out more about the faculty that will be teaching these courses?

You can find a list of CISAB-affiliated faculty and their interests here. Click on the faculty names to go to individual research pages.

Additionally, most departments also have web pages that describe faculty research interests and education. If you can't find the faculty member you're looking for on CISAB's web site, check the various departmental web sites at IU.

Does the Program in Animal Behavior have any opportunities for students enrolled at other colleges or universities?

Yes! Each summer CISAB's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program hosts 10 undergraduates from universities around the country. Applications must be received by February 15 for an internship the following summer.

Does the Program in Animal Behavior have any research opportunities for students currently enrolled at Indiana University?

IU students can often make arrangements to work with faculty and graduate students in Animal Behavior for BIOL-L490 laboratory credit through Biology or PSY-P493/494 laboratory credit in Psychology. If you are interested in the research programs of core or adjunct CISAB faculty, you should contact them directly to explore research possibilities.

CISAB also offers a 1-3 credit internship course, ABEH-A495, to students with at least sophomore standing or 15 hours completed in the Animal Behavior minor. In this course, students invest 3 to 10 hours per week at an internship site of their choice, then submit a report at the end of the semester. Advanced internships may be offered to students interested in completing more in-depth research projects. For more information, see the Internship Opportunities page.

What career choices do I have with a Major, Minor or Area Certificate in Animal Behavior?

See our Careers in Animal Behavior page.

I have questions that relate to my particular situation. Who can I talk to?

For the Minor or Area Certificate, you should first talk the Undergraduate Advisor in your department. For the B.S., you should first talk to and Undergraduate Advisor in Biology. Regardless of which degree you're interested in, you can also contact us for individual assistance.