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Below are a few of the speakers that will be headlining the 2014 conference.

Dr. Mark Blumberg

Dr. Mark Blumberg, University of Iowa (Keynote Speaker)

Mark Blumberg is the F. Wendell Miller Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Biology at the University of Iowa. Having earned bachelor's degrees in physics and philosophy from Brandeis University in Massachusetts, Dr. Blumberg continued his education at The University of Chicago, where he earned both his Masters and Ph.D. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Behavioral Neuroscience, and has authored or co-authored nearly 100 articles. His research currently focuses on the development, functions, and neural control of sleep - particularly in infants.

Dr. Jim Pfaus

Dr. Jim Pfaus, Concordia University (Satellite Symposium Keynote Speaker)

Jim Pfaus received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of British Columbia in 1990. Following postdoctoral training in molecular biology and behavior with Dr. Donald Pfaff at the Rockefeller University, he joined the Department of Psychology and the Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology at Concordia University where he is a full professor. In 1997, Dr. Pfaus was inducted into the International Academy of Sex Research. Dr. Pfaus' research is concerned with the neurochemical and molecular events that subserve sexual behavior and neuroendocrine functions.

Dr. Emília Martins

Dr. Emília Martins, Indiana University

Dr. Martins obtained her PhD in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1992, and she joined the faculty of the Department of Biology at Indiana University in 2001. Her primary interest is in the evolution of complex behavioral traits such as communication and social behavior. Research in the Martins lab combines comparative studies of communicative signals, empirical research on the social, genetic, hormonal, and chemical mechanisms underlying behavioral plasticity, and development of theoretical methods and software.

Dr. Justin Garcia

Dr. Justin Garcia, Indiana University

Dr. Garcia is a 2011 graduate of Binghamton University, with a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology. He initially came to Indiana University in 2011 as a NIH-funded postdoctoral fellow. In 2013, Dr. Garcia joined Indiana University's Department of Gender Studies as Assistant Professor, with a joint appointment at The Kinsey Institute as Assistant Research Scientist, and affiliations with the Cognitive Science Program and Human Biology Program. Dr. Garcia's primary research interests include evolutionary and biocultural models of human behavior, and romantic and sexual relationships.