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Indiana University Bloomington

2016-17 Pre-doctoral Fellowship Application

CISAB (Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior) and CTRD (Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity)

CISAB Graduate Scholarsare outstanding IU graduate students who exemplify an integrative approach to the study of animal behavior through their research, teaching and other professional activities. Awards range from summer support to up to 10 months of stipend support. (Applicants must be CISAB members to apply for CISAB funding. The CISAB membership form is at

CTRD NIH Pre-doctoral Trainees are outstanding IU graduate students whose integrative research interests focus on behavior and physiology in humans and other animals and will address key questions in three related themes: (1) genetic, epigenetic, environmental, and parental contributions to reproductive and social behavior; (2) the origins and expression of differences among the sexes; and (3) sex and immunity in health and disease. Awards are for 12 months of stipend support and include a small allowance for research expenses and travel. CTRD Trainees MUST be citizens, non-citizen nationals or permanent residents of the US.

CISAB Scholars and CTRD trainees must be in good academic standing in their home departments. We strongly encourage students to apply for both forms of funding if your research is applicable.

All applicants will be given equal consideration regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity.