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Indiana University Bloomington

CISAB Predoctoral Fellowship Application

Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior Graduate Scholars are outstanding IU graduate students who exemplify an integrative approach to the study of animal behavior through their research, teaching and other professional activities. Awards range from summer support to up to 12 months of stipend support. (Applicants must be CISAB members to apply for CISAB funding. The CISAB membership form is at

CISAB Scholars must be in good academic standing in their home departments. We strongly encourage students to apply for both forms of funding if your research is applicable.

Note: Upon submission of your application, your references will be notified and sent links through which they can upload your letters of recommendation.

All applicants will be given equal consideration regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity.

All materials (including letters from references) must be submitted by February 15, 2015 by 4 pm Eastern.

Javascript must be enabled on your web browser in order to use the submission form below.

Please note: CISAB applicants have different requirements in the form below. Please ensure you have answered all questions.

Application date: November 25, 2015


Contact Information

Reference Information

Reference #1

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Supporting Documents

Instructions: Start a word processor document and put your name at the top. Type the headings shown below before each of your responses starting with item #2 below.
Note: Each file must be less than 10 MB and must be Microsoft Word Documents (.doc, .docx) or PDF (.pdf).

  1. :


  2. Previous CISAB Support (1 page):
    If you have been funded previously by CISAB (research or travel money, stipend support) or have made substantive use of the shared Animal Behavior Lab, provide a summary of the results of this support, including papers published, seminars presented, and grants for which you have applied.
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  3. CISAB Activities (approximately one paragraph):
    Briefly summarize your involvement in CISAB activities (e.g., participation in the Spring Animal Behavior Conference, Fall Reception, REU student supervision, hosting a seminar speaker).
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  4. Education & Training (approximately one paragraph):
    Briefly summarize your training in animal behavior, listing IU courses, rotations & other activities which you have found particularly helpful. Are you planning to obtain a minor or area certificate in animal behavior? How has your training helped you to learn the perspectives of more than one field of animal behavior? Please include a tentative degree timeline. When do you expect to advance to candidacy and defend?
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  5. Dissertation Research (2-3 pages):
    Summarize your dissertation research, emphasizing how you have successfully integrated the perspectives and/or techniques of more than one subdiscipline of animal behavior. Discuss how being a CISAB Scholar or CTRD trainee will further your research, training and/or career goals, and what special opportunities to conduct integrative research may become possible if you receive funding.
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  6. Supervision & Guidance (opens when support is chosen):

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  7. Assurance: Please include a statement assuring that your research conforms to all IU guidelines involving the use of live animals, human subjects, and biological safety as appropriate.
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Your answers to the following questions are optional.
Information gathered will be used to assess diversity of applicants. Declining to answer these questions will not affect the applicant's evaluation, and any information collected will be kept confidential. You may clarify any of your answers in the box below.

  1. What is your gender?
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  2. Are you Hispanic or Latino?
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  3. What is your race? (check all that apply)
    American Indian or Native American
    Black/African American
    Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
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  4. Are you a veteran, a first-generation college student, or from an economically disadvantaged, inner-city, or rural background? (check all that apply)
    First Generation College Student
    Economically Disadvantaged
    None of the above
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  5. Do you have a disability?
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  6. Additional information/clarifications:

Please ensure that all necessary items are complete before submitting your application.