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Indiana University Bloomington

CISAB Travel Grant Application

Before you complete this form, please ask two CISAB faculty members to send a brief email to Linda Summers ( to say they support your application. You will be asked to provide their names below.

Asterisks (*) indicate required fields.

*Provide a brief description of the meeting you plan to attend, including the sponsoring organization, date(s), and location.

Briefly summarize your previous involvement in CISAB activities (e.g. participation in the annual Animal Behavior Conference and/or Fall Reception, REU student supervision, or hosting a seminar speaker).

Can you apply for other funds to support your attendance at the conference from your department, the conference organizers, or outside agencies? If so, indicate the amount and sources of those funds below.

Due to increasingly tight budgets, travel funds will not usually be given to the same student in more than one consecutive year. Please list any previous support you have received from CISAB (travel grants, scholarships, etc.) and the dates they were awarded.

List the names of the two CISAB faculty members who will send notes in support of your application.

*Attach your proposed budget as a Word or PDF document (≤100KB):

*Attach the abstract you intend to present as a Word or PDF document (≤100KB):