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Indiana University Bloomington

Turner Travel Award

For undergraduate participation in the Animal Behavior Society annual meeting at Princeton University in New Jersey from August 9 to 14
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The deadline for applications has been extended to April 15.

Apply Online by April 15, 2014

Charles Turner

Charles Henry Turner (1867-1923)

Beginning in 2002, the Animal Behavior Society created the Charles H. Turner Program for undergraduate participation at the annual Society meetings. With generous support from the National Science Foundation and the Animal Behavior Society, the ABS Diversity committee brings a group of about 10 undergraduates to the meetings each year, covering all expenses and providing a full program of mentoring events including a pre-meeting workshop and mentors.

Charles Turner was one of the very first African-American researchers in animal behavior. Among other things, his research showed that insects can hear and exhibit trial-and-error learning. By naming the undergraduate program after him, the ABS Diversity Committee emphasizes its goal to increase the diversity of its membership by encouraging researchers of all ages, levels, and ethnic groups to participate in the annual meetings.

The Turner Program is managed by the Animal Behavior Society Diversity Committee with the help of CISAB and with generous funding by the National Science Foundation and the Animal Behavior Society. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation!

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