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Indiana University Bloomington

Lab Fees

The rates below are effective July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 for IU-affiliated users. Rates include supplies, reagents and equipment maintenance fees. Non-IU users are charged an additional fee for labor and equipment usage. A complete cost estimate can be provided to users at the start of their research project. Please remember to account for pilot work, validation, optimization and re-runs when estimating total project costs.

Hormone Extraction:

  • Blood, Feather, or Egg Yolk: $1.25 per sample
  • Tissue or Feces: $1.75 per sample
  • Water (single SPE): $5.00 per sample


  • $0.50 per sample, plus the cost of kits (purchased by user). Single plate kits generally range in price from $200-$400 and can accommodate 35-40 samples. Buying in bulk usually saves you money. Your final cost will be about $6 to $12 per sample (run in duplicate), depending on the analyte and number of plates needed.

Nucleic Acid Extraction:

  • Phenol/Chloroform DNA extraction (no kit): $1.75 per sample
  • Trizol RNA extraction (no kit): $3.00 per sample
  • DNA or RNA Extraction (kit): $0.50 per sample, plus the cost of kits (purchased by user). Your final cost will be about $2-6 per sample, depending on the kit and sample type.

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis:

  • Small (up to 16 samples; 1 ladder): $8.00 per gel
  • Large (up to 32 samples; 2 ladders): $10.00 per gel

Standard PCR:

  • $0.75 per reaction, plus the cost of primers (purchased by user). Standard primer pairs are relatively inexpensive (about $10-20).


  • Standard: $45 per 96-well plate, plus IMBI charges ($56 per 96-well plate as of 1/1/14) and primers ($100-160 per pair; purchased by user). In total, you can expect to pay about $2 to $3 per sample, per locus (run in duplicate).
  • Multiplex: $24 per 96-well plate, plus IMBI charges, multiplex kit and primers (purchased by user). Multiplex kits are recommended if several loci are being analyzed.


  • $1.75 per well, plus IMBI charges ($2.51 per well as of 1/1/14), purification kits and primers. In total, you can expect to pay about $8-10 per sample (run in duplicate).

Quantitative real-time RT-PCR:

  • cDNA preparation: $11.00 per sample (20µl reaction).
  • SYBR Green qPCR analysis: $1.30 per well. Primers are provided by the user.