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Indiana University Bloomington

Lab Policies

  • The lab is open weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Users may work in the lab at other times, provided they have obtained approval from the lab director. Users working alone should notify a trusted colleague or friend of their schedule and expected completion time, especially when working with hazardous chemicals.
  • All users must attend an IU Chemical Safety Training prior to working in the CISAB Lab. Users should familiarize themselves with the location of all safety equipment and the MSDS notebook/CD. General IU emergency procedure information is posted next to the main lab door.
  • As a BSL-2 Research Lab, all users are required to complete Bloodborne Pathogen Training.
  • Please sign up for equipment ahead of time using the CISAB Lab Calendar.
  • All solutions prepared and/or aliquoted in the CISAB Lab must be documented in the "Lab Solutions" notebook. Everything (even water) must be properly labeled with the full chemical name, date and your initials.
  • The CISAB Lab is a shared working environment. Please label all sample boxes/supplies clearly with your name, your supervisor (if applicable) and a description of the contents. Unlabeled items will be discarded at the discretion of the lab staff.
  • Users are asked to maintain a clean and organized lab environment. Please refill your tip boxes and throw out samples and reagents that are no longer needed. If you have hazardous or biological waste (or you are not sure how to dispose of something), please notify the lab staff.
  • Please report any equipment problems to the lab staff. Low supplies should be listed on the dryerase board in the Lab office.
  • All users will be billed for lab supplies/reagents on a monthly basis. Users are asked to keep track of their usage to aid in this process. No "pre-billing" for uncompleted work is allowed.
  • Upon completion of your work, please remove your samples, notebooks and supplies from the CISAB Lab. We are unable to provide long-term storage due to space limitations.

All CISAB lab users must read and sign a copy of these CISAB lab policies before working in the CISAB lab.

Training and Mentorship Policies

  • Mentors (e.g., graduate students, research associates, postdocs) are responsible for confirming that their trainee (e.g., undergraduate student researcher, hourly worker, REU, visitor, etc) is authorized to work in an IU research laboratory.
  • Trainees must work side-by-side with their mentor until they understand and can complete all aspects of the work being done. Mentors are personally responsible for training and supervising their own trainees, unless other arrangements have been made with the CISAB lab director.
  • Trainees may not work independently in the CISAB lab until their mentor has observed that they are fully capable of doing so. A meeting with the CISAB lab director must then be scheduled to obtain approval.
  • Trainees that have been approved to work independently should do so only during times when their mentor can be easily reached to answer questions and provide assistance.
  • Mentors are responsible for scheduling equipment on the CISAB Lab Google calendar, and for reporting monthly lab usage for billing purposes, on behalf of their trainee(s), unless other arrangements have been made with the CISAB lab director.