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~ November ~

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd

EEB Brown Bag: "Salience of social signals in South American weakly electric fish." Jakki Petzold (Smith Lab).

Jordan Hall 248 (Cleland Room)
11:30 am

Thursday, Nov. 5th

IU Behavior Colloquium. Dr. Katherine Amato, Northwestern University. “Using Gut Microbiome to Build our Understanding of Primate Behavior”.

CISAB - 409 N. Park Avenue
2:30 pm

Friday, Nov. 6th

EEB Seminar Series. Becca Safran, University of Colorado. "The role of sexual selection in speciation: an integrative and comparative perspective." Hosted by Abby Kimmitt (Rosvall Lab). Refreshments served prior to seminar.

Myers Hall 130
4:00 pm

Thursday, Nov. 12th

IU Behavior Colloquium. Dr. Premysl Bercik, McMaster University, Department of Medicine. “Microbiota-gut-brain axis: from Animal Models to Clinical Trials”.

CISAB - 409 N. Park Avenue
2:30 pm

Thursday, Nov. 19th

IU Behavior Colloquium. Dr. Ardythe Morrow, Department of Pediatrics Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. “The Microbial Succession of Term and Preterm Infants in Relation to Health and Disease”.

CISAB - 409 N. Park Avenue
2:30 pm

Tuesday, Nov. 17th

EEB Brown Bag: Daniel Schwab (Moczek lab). "Niche construction in Onthophagus beetles: developmental consequences and potential mechanisms.”

Jordan Hall 248 (Cleland Room)
11:30 am

Monday, Nov. 30th

IU Behavior Colloquium, cosponsored by CISAB and Program in Neuroscience. Dr. Gary Marsat, West Virginia University, Department of Biology and Center for Neuroscience. “Neural Codes for Behaviorally Relevant Signals: Efficient Coding Strategies for Different Perceptual Tasks”.

Psychology 101
4:00 pm

2015 Fall List of IU Behavior Colloquia

Katherine Amato (11/05)
Premysl Bercik (11/12)
Ardythe Morrow (11/19)
Gary Marsat (11/30)


March 31 – April 2, 2016