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Indiana University Bloomington

This Week at CISAB

Tuesday April 28

Evolution, Ecology and Behavior Brown Bag: Sarah Keesom (Hurley Lab)

11:30 am, Simon Hall 001

"Social Experience, Serotonin, and Song of Mice."
Hosted by Chris Petersen

CISAB Seminar: Linda Marchant, Miami University of Ohio

4:30 pm, IMU Dogwood Room

"Primate Paths to Percussion."
Hosted by Tom Schoenemann

Friday, May 1

Evolution, Ecology and Behavior Seminar Series: Barney Schlinger, UCLA

4:00 pm, Myers Hall 130

"Adrogens, Courtship, and the Neuromuscular Control of Athleticism: Lessons from a Exuberant Tropical Bird."
Hosted by Kim Rosvall. Refreshments served prior to seminar.