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Indiana University Bloomington

CISAB Facilities

The House

The Center is located in a pleasent three-story brick house halfway between the biology and psychology buildings (402 N. Park Ave.) that serves as a focal point for interactions among students, faculty, and visiting researchers. The house contains a large seminar room, research-related computer and video equipment, and office space for members.

CISAB Main House

Seminar Room and Office Equipment

The seminar room of the CISAB building can be reserved for classes and special events, such as talks, doctoral defenses, and committee meetings. The large central table seats 14, and 20 additional chairs line the walls. The room contains a white board and pull-down screen, and we can supply power projectors and laptops on request. A fully functional kitchen, unisex restroom, and water fountain are located just across the hall. Fax and photocopy machines are also available in the reception area.

CISAB Seminar Room  CISAB Seminar Room 2

William J. Rowland Resource Room

The resource room houses over 40 print journals, including Animal Behavior and Memory & Cognition, as well as a collection of animal behavior texts donated by the Rowland family and Professor Emeritus Bill Timberlake. The room was created in memory of Bill Rowland, beloved biology professor, mentor, colleague and friend. Bill was a founding member of CISAB and volunteered as director of the REU program from 1995 to 2004. He helped over 20 graduate students earn their doctoral degrees and was an enthusiastic researcher.

Rowland Room

Rowland Room 2  Rowland Room 3

Office/Desk Space

The CISAB house contains several rooms available for postdoctoral associates, visiting scholars, and graduate students to use as temporary office space. Members with desk space can also request to reserve personal computers.

CISAB Office 1  CISAB Office 2

Computer Lab

We maintain several Windows and Macintosh computers with up-to-date software for shared use by our members. These computers are all connected to the IU network. Specialized hardware is also available, including scanners, video and image processing equipment, sound analysis equipment, a slide maker, and computer projector.

Computer Lab


CISAB has several pieces of state-of-the-art equipment available for short and long-term loans. These include laptops and handheld computers, audio and videotape recorders, and transponder systems (for tagging and tracking animals in the wild).

Animal Behavior Lab

CISAB's Animal Behavior Lab provides bench space, training, and specialized equipment to IU members interested in incorporating molecular and endocrine techniques into their animal behavior research. For details, visit the lab website.