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Indiana University Bloomington

Jobs Descriptions

The links below go to resources from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.


  1. Professor/Research Scientist:
    • Education: BA/BS in biology, psychology, anthropology, chemistry + PhD in animal behavior (neurobiology, molecular biology, endocrinology, physiology) or DVM + postdoctoral work.
    • Description: Teaching undergraduates and graduate students. Conducting research. Obtaining funding for research.
  2. Research Assistant:
    • Education: BA/BS/Masters in biology, psychology, anthropology, chemistry, physiology
    • Description: Assist researcher by helping in lab or with field work, collecting data, animal care, or lab maintenance


  1. Director of Research
    • Education: PhD in biological or behavioral science
    • Description: Responsible for approving, coordinating, and overseeing all research conducted at the zoo. May do some teaching to research volunteers and the community
  2. Zoo Director/Assistant Zoo Director
    • BS/BA or higher, training in zoo administration
    • Description: Oversees the workings of the entire zoo. Acts as a liaison to local universities and to the public. Decides what exhibits are to be built, what animals are to be exhibited, manages budgets, etc.
  3. Curator of Education:
    • BS/BA in sciences or education or both
    • Description: Responsible for developing and organizing all the various educational programs offered by the zoo. Researches libraries and other zoos for new ideas. Oversees volunteers. Offers zoo education such as tours, speakers, zoo camps and internships.
  4. Curator of Zookeepers:
    • BS/BA in biological sciences, animal husbandry and prior zoo experience
    • Description: Oversees the zookeeping staff, hands out assignments, collects animal reports, monitors animal feed and chemical stock, handles general zoo problems
  5. Zookeeper:
    • Education: Bs/BA in biological sciences or animal husbandry, 2 years zoo experience
    • Description: Clean, feed, care for and monitor the health of various species, design and construct zoo exhibits, observe animal behavior and participate in research, and assist with upkeep of the zoo grounds
  6. Research Assistant:
    • Education: BA/BS or Masters Degree in behavioral or biological sciences
    • Description: Work under the direction of faculty or staff researchers and help design, perform and analyze the results of animal behavior studies
  7. Curator of Animal Training:
    • Education: BS in biological sciences of psychology, 10 years experience
    • Description: Oversees daily operation of the animal training staff and animal collection. Interacts with other departments. Assists with concept, development and design of new animal exhibits and show areas
  8. Supervisor of Animal Training:
    • Education: BS/BA in biological sciences or psychology, 2 years as animal trainer
    • Description: Responsible for the staff's conditioning and maintenance of animals at show quality level. Oversee entire show including animal facilities, show production criteria, professional staff appearance and stage performance
  9. Animal trainer:
    • Education: BS/BA in biological sciences, experience working with animals
    • Description: Condition and maintain animal behaviors and perform shows. Prepare food, document health, diet and behavior records and assist with transport of animals


  1. Curators:
    • Education: PhD, previous museum experience
    • Description: Responsibilities involve research with little or no teaching unless the institution has arranged a joint appointment with an affiliated university. Devote attention to the museum's collections in their particular filed.
  2. Educators:
    • Education: PhD, previous museum experience
    • Description: Organize performance and lectures series, develop and teach workshops, train and volunteer docents, work with school trachers and create online and print supplements for exhibits
  3. Exhibit Developers:
    • PhD, previous museum experience
    • Description: Exhibit production, narrative structure, writing and editing label copy, producing multi-media presentations, coordinating final construction and installation


  1. Associated with University Programs:
    • Education: PhD, DVM, experience dealing with pets/ farm animals
    • Description: Supervise graduate research. Study pet behavior problems. Operate animal behavior practice.
  2. Associated with Veterinary Practice:
    • Education: PhD, DVM, experience with pets/ farm animals
    • Description: Conducting physical exams and evaluations as well as treating behavioral problems
  3. Independent Behaviorists
    • Education: PhD, DVM, experience with pets, business knowledge
    • Description: Offers services to the public as a business. Usually certified with some agency such as the Animal Behavior Society
  4. Assistant Behaviorists:
    • Education: BA/BS in biology or psychology
    • Description: Assist Behaviorist
  5. Pet/ Wild Animal Training:
    • Education: High School Diploma, Training education
    • Description: Set up own business to train animals or work with established business


  1. Health Related Research:
    • Education: PhD, DVM with concentration in field such as physiology, biochemistry or pharmacology
    • Conduct research on the behavioral effects of new drugs, examine the links between behavior and disease, or evaluate the well being of animals under their care
  2. Environmental Scientists:
    • Education: Masters, PhD
    • Description: Research and evaluation, good communication skills
  3. Wildlife Management:
    • Education: PhD, with interest in ecology and environment
    • Description: Research populations of wild animals
  4. Fisheries Observers:
    • Education: BS in biology or marine biology
    • Description: Assist with breeding program
  5. Pet Food/ Drug Companies:
    • Education: BS/BA-PhD
    • Description: Research/research assistant
  6. Research Assistants:
    • Education: BS/BA or Masters in biology, psychology or related field
    • Description: Assist with research in lab or field


  1. Animal Behavior Counselor:
    • Education: BS/BA in biology, psychology
    • Description: Evaluate animals for adoption and rehabilitation, develop enrichment programs, act as a consultant, train staff
  2. Veterinary Technician:
    • Education: License (2-4 years training)
    • Description: Assist veterinarian with various duties
  3. Animal Behavior Technician:
    • Education: High school diploma
    • Assist manager and work with volunteers


  1. Newspaper/Magazine/Radio/TV:
    • Education: BS in journalism or science
    • Description: staff writer
  2. Freelance Writer:
    • Education: BS in journalism or science
    • Description: self motivated writer