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Indiana University Bloomington

Speaker Video Index

Speaker Date Format Title
Mark Alkema March 1, 2013 DVD The Neuroethology of C. Elegans Escape
Colin Allen February 11, 2000 VHS Do Behaviorists Dream of Mechanical Sheep? Black Boxes, Mind Reading, and the Explanation of Animal Behavior
Colin Allen January 23, 2004 VHS Transitive Inference in Animals: Reasoning or Conditioned Associations
Jeanne Altmann October 6, 2005 DVD Sociality, Fitness Components, and Endocrine Correlates in a Highly Social Primate
Victor Apanius December 3, 1999 VHS Evolutionary Ecology of Vertebrate Immunity
Gregory Ball October 16, 1995 VHS Sex and Seasonal Differences in the Avian Vocal Control System: What Exactly is Different and Why?
Andrew H. Bass September 26, 2008 DVD Talking Heads: Ancestral Origins of the Vocal Basis for Acoustic Communication among Vertebrates
Rik Belew April 26, 1996 VHS Goldilocks Models of Cognitive Systems: Not Too Vague, Not Too Detailed, Just Right!
Mark B. Blumberg February 25, 2005 VHS Unraveling the Mysteries of Infant Sleep
Christine R.B. Boake September 29, 2000 VHS Flying Apart: Sexual Selection and Speciation in Hawaiian Drosophila
Sally T. Boysen September 29, 2004 VHS When Brain Meets Brawn: The Impact of Enculturation on Chimpanzee Cognition
John Buntin October 30, 1995 VHS Prolactin-Induced Changes in Behavior and Neuroendocrine Function in Birds: Insights from Prolactin Receptor Studies in the CNS
Nancy T. Burley November 20, 1998 VHS Mate Choice for Aesthetic Traits: A Role for Learning?
Roy Caldwell March 26, 2010 DVD Mantis Shrimp: Still the Fastest Claw in the West
Frances Champagne March 29, 2013 DVD Developmental Programming of Behavior via Epigenetic Pathways
Nicola S. Clayton March 22, 2002 VHS Mental Time Travel by Food Caching Scrub-Jays
Christopher Coe April 27, 2009 DVD The Psychological and Social Context of Immune Competence
Leda Cosmides April 28, 2000 VHS Has Natural Selection Shaped How Humans Reason?
David P. Crews October 21, 1999 VHS Endocrine Disruptors: Present Issues, Future Problems
Allison J. Doupe November 22, 2002 VHS What Songbirds can Teach Us about Vocal Learning and Basal Ganglia Function
Fred Dyer April 3, 1998 VHS The Sun Compass as a Model System in Cognitive Science
John A. Endler November 3, 2000 VHS Interactions Between Ambient Light, Color Patterns, Signalling Behaviour, and Microhabitat Choice & How It Affects the Direction of Sexual Selection
Michael S. Fanselow March 24, 2000 VHS Fear: From Function to Physiology
Albert Feng October 27, 2008 DVD Sound Communication in Noisy Ambience: Lessons from Torrent Frogs
Alison Fleming December 10, 1997 VHS Psychobiology of Maternal Behavior in Human Mothers: Usefulness of the Animal Model
Mark V. Flinn March 5, 2009 DVD Hormones and the Evolution of the Social Mind
Dorothy M. Fragaszy November 30, 2001 VHS The Biology of Traditions: Models and Evidence
Steven A. Frank April 6-7, 2001 VHS The Domestication of Competitive Symbionts into Cohesive Evolutionary Units
Rebecca Fuller February 12, 2010 DVD Teasing Apart the Many Effects of Lighting Environment on Color Pattern and Preference in the Bluefin Killifish
Bennett G. (Jeff) Galef October 21, 2003 VHS Social Influences on Food Choices of Norway Rats & Mate Choices of Japanese Quail
Bennett G. (Jeff) Galef March 13, 1998 VHS No Ratte is an Islande
Luc-Alain Giraldeau November 13, 1996 VHS Search for Food or Wait for Others to Find it? Tests of Foraging Game Models Using Starlings and Finches
John Godwin March 30, 2013 DVD Neuroendocrine Regulation of Sexual Plasticity in Fishes
Patricia A. Gowaty September 15, 2000 VHS Offspring Viability Selection and Components of Fitness in Drosophila pseudoobscura and Mus musculus
Louis J. Gross November 6-7, 1997 VHS Computational Ecology: Environmental Problem Solving for the New Millennium
Louis J. Guillette, Jr. November 12, 1999 VHS Contaminants as Hormones: Lessons from Alligators
Erik Greene April 2, 2004 VHS Phenotypic Plasticity and Host Plants: Linking Ecology, Development and Speciation in Nemoria Caterpeillars
Matthew Grober October 8, 2004 VHS Proximate Regulation of Vertebrae Sex Change: The Long and Short of It?
Michaela Hau April 25, 2003 VHS Annual Endocrine Rhythms
Cecilia M. Heyes April 19, 2002 VHS Imitation: General Mechanism or Innate Module?
Kay Holecamp December 5, 2003 VHS Reproductive Tactics in the Spotted Hyena
Warren G. Holmes December 31, 1997 VHS Social Context, Timing and the Development of Kin Favoritism in Belding's Ground Squirrels
Carl Hopkins January 20, 2006 DVD Signals and Sensory Codes: Electric Communication in Fish
Lynne Houck November 1, 2003 VHS Salamander Courtship Pheromones: from Molecules to Mating
Ron Hoy September 30, 2005 DVD The Spider and the Fly: A Neuroethologist's Tale
Michael A. Huffman October 16, 2012 DVD The Evolution of Medicinal Plant Use in African Great Apes and Traditional Human Societies
Erich D. Jarvis December 7, 2001 VHS Evolution of Vocal Learning in Birds
Victor Johnston February 20, 2009 DVD Facial Beauty and Sexual Selection
John R. Jungck November 7-8, 2001 VHS Strategic Simulations: Designs for Enhancing Learning Long-Term Strategies of Research and Mathematical Modeling in Biology
Alex Kacelnik November 19, 1996 VHS Associative Learning and Optimal Foraging: Can One Account for the Other?
Alan C. Kamil January 28, 2000 VHS The Evolution of Intelligence in Animals
Darcy B. Kelley November 15, 2002 VHS Underwater Songs: A Neurobiology of Vocal Communication
Darcy B. Kelley April 10, 2009 DVD Killing Me Softly with His Song: A Neurobiology of Vocal Communication and Competition
Kevin Laland March 1, 1996 VHS Evolution of Social Learning
Rosemary Knapp March 20, 2009 DVD Behavioral Endocrinology of Alternative Reproductive Tactics in Bluegill: Correlated Characters in Physiological and Evolutionary Time
Rebecca C. Knickmeyer May 1, 2009 DVD Sex on the Brain: Gonadal Steroids and Genetic Factors in Human Neurodevelopment
Christopher G. Langton November 7-8, 1997 VHS Multi Agent Modeling approaches to Complex Adaptive Systems
Louis Lefebvre September 28, 2001 VHS Feeding Innovations in Birds: Implications for Ecology, Evolution, Neurobiology and Cognition
Steven L. Lima September 25, 1998 VHS Safety in Numbers: Back to the Basics of Anti-Predator Vigilance
Elisabeth A. Lloyd April 6-7, 2001 VHS Sorting Out the Units of Selection
Kenneth Lohmann April 30, 2010 DVD Beyond the Five Senses: the Maps, Compasses, and Sensory Biology of Sea Turtle Navigation
Sue Margulis December 2, 2005 DVD Behavioral Research in Zoological Parks: Why Behavior Matters
Therese A. Markow October 20, 2000 VHS How Drosophila Males Make Eggs: It's Elementa
Emília Martins March 11, 1999 VHS Understanding Evolutionary Convergence: A Behavioral Perspective
Margaret (Peg) McCarthy October 9, 1995 VHS Functional Significance of Steroid Modulation of GABAergic Neurotransmission in the Female Rat
Michael Menaker February 7, 2003 VHS Circadian Organization in Mammals
John Mitani February 9, 2004 VHS The Behavior Ecology of the Ngogo Chimpanzees
Michael C. Moore April 8, 2005 VHS Integrated Biology of the Phenotype: Neuroendocrinology of Aggression
Randy J. Nelson October 9, 1998 VHS Seasonal Cycles of Sex and Death: The Energetics of Immune Function
Charles Nunn October 15, 2012 DVD Sex, Germs, and Worms: Infectious Disease in Primate Societies
Daniel Papaj January 23, 1998 VHS A Natural History of Dynamical Processes in Insect Behavior
Thom Park March 12, 2010 DVD Blind, Naked, and Feeling No Pain: The Unusual Neurobiology of the Naked Mole-Rat
Sergio M. Pellis February 4, 2005 VHS The Origins and Functions of Play
Irene Pepperberg April 16, 2004 VHS Possible Perceptual Consciousness in Grey Parrots (Psittacus Erithacus)
David Perkel October 17, 2008 DVD The Brain on Steroids: Seasonal Modulation of Neurons, Circuits, and Behavior in Songbirds
Steven M. Phelps April 9, 2004 VHS Individual Differences and the Evolution of Social Behavior: Vasopressin and Monogamy
Steven M. Phelps April 3, 2009 DVD Getting Caught in Peculiar Positions: Variation in the Mechanisms of Monogamy
Daniel J. Povinelli October 29, 1996 VHS Chimpanzees, Children, and the Evolution of Theory of Mind
Todd Preuss February 27, 1998 VHS What's Human about the Human Brain?
Andrew F. Read April 6-7, 2001 VHS Can Extraordinary Sex Ratios Explain Malaria?
Eliszabeth Adkins Regan October 31, 2003 VHS Mechanisms of Mate Choice, Sexual Partner Preference and Social Monogamy: A View from Birdland
Sean Rice November 6-7, 1997 VHS Strategies for Constructing Analytical Models in Biology
James K. Rilling November 10, 2004 VHS Human, Ape, and Monkey Brains: Are They Allometrically Scale Versions of the Same Design?
Roy Ritzmann September 16, 2005 DVD Movement through Complex Terrain: Robots and Insects
Joan Roughgarden October 17, 2008 DVD Reproductive Social Behavior: Old and New Theories
Anne E. Russon October 27, 2004 VHS Theory of Mind in Great Apes: Why It's Not So Important and What Else Is
Michael J. Ryan October 30, 1998 VHS Historical Influences on the Evolution of Female Mating Preferences in Tungara Frogs
Jeffrey C. Schank October 19, 2001 VHS Can Individual-Based Modeling Contribute to a Better Understanding of Animal Behavior?
Barney Schlinger November 27, 1995 VHS Perspectives on Estrogen Physiology and Estrogen Control of Behavior in Songbirds
Barney Schlinger December 9, 2005 DVD Neurosteroids and Neuroplasticity in the Songbird Brain
Paul Schmid-Hempel April 6-7, 2001 VHS Parasites and Host Genotype Diversification in the Selection Arena
William A. Searcy November 6, 1998 VHS The Evolution of Polygyny in the Ancestry of Red-Winged Blackbirds
Lynn Siefferman September 12, 2006 DVD Using the Spectrometer
Jon Seger October 15, 2004 VHS Whale Lice as Naturally Replicated Evolutionary Experiments
Kerry Shaw April 16, 1999 VHS Behavioral Evolution and Speciation in Hawaiian Crickets
David Sherry March 22, 1996 VHS Memory in Food Storing Birds
Robert Shumaker December 5, 2012 DVD Are Chimpanzees the Most Proficient Animal Tool Users?
Stephen Shuster September 5, 2003 VHS The Genetics of Alternative Mating Strategies and Biased Sex Ratios in a Marine Isopod
Joan Silk November 15, 2012 DVD What Are Friends For? The Adaptive Value of Social Bonds
Rae Silver February 21, 2003 VHS Building a Brain Clock
Charles T. Snowdon November 5, 1997 VHS Tamarin Family Values: Mechanisms of Pairbonding & Cooperative Infant Care
John Staddon October 1, 1996 VHS Feeding Dynamics: Why Rats Eat in Meals and What this Might Mean for Foraging and Feeding Regulation
Judy A. Stamps September 11, 1998 VHS Territorial Behavior: Testing the Assumptions
Karen Strier November 28, 2012 DVD Behavior, Demography, and the Adaptive Potential of a Critically Endangered Primate
Fredrick Suppe November 7-8, 1997 VHS Scientific Sense and Philosophical Nonsense about Modeling
Frederick vom Saal October 1, 1999 VHS The Fragile Fetal Brain: Permanent Neurobehavioral Effects of Very Low Doses of Endogenous Steroids and Environmental Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Peter Todd April 17, 1998 VHS Modeling the Evolution of Learning, from Breeding to Birdsong
Tim Tully February 25, 2000 VHS Neurogenetic Perspective of Memory
Frans de Waal March 3, 2006 DVD Our Inner Ape: What Primate Behavior Teaches Us About Human Nature
Michael J. Wade November 6-7, 1997 VHS Modeling Levels of Selection
Peter M. Waser December 4, 1998 VHS Genetic Signatures of Interpopulation Dispersal
David Weaver March 7, 2003 VHS Molecular Mechanisms of Circadian Clock Function
Wesley White March 28, 2003 VHS Potently Affective Events and Time-Dependent Changes in Circadian Activity
Stim Wilcox February 1, 2002 VHS Deceit Amongst The Webbing: Aggressive Mimicry and Cognitive Abilities in Portia Jumping Spiders
Jerry Wilkinson April 30, 1999 VHS Sexual Selection, Selfish Genes and Sexual Dimorphism in Stalk-Eyed Flies
Hugh R. Wilson November 7-8, 1997 VHS Nonlinear Dynamical Models in Vision
William C. Wimsatt November 7-8, 1997 VHS Heuristics and False Models: Strategies for Building Truer Theories
John Wingfield November 6, 1995 VHS Ecological Bases of Endocrine Phenomena
David D. Yager November 1, 2002 VHS When Fierce and Fiercer Creatures Meet: Bug Ears Foil Bat Attacks
Ayako Yamaguchi November 21, 2008 DVD Sexually Distinct Vocal Pattern Generation in African Clawed Frogs
Anthony Zera January 29, 1999 VHS Physiology of Life History Tradeoffs: Genetics, Energetics, and Endocrinology
Toni E. Ziegler February 27, 2009 DVD The Neuroendocrine Responsiveness of Male Cooperative Breeding Primates to Pregnancy and Infant Care
Marlene Zuk April 6-7, 2001 VHS Immunity, Sexual Selection and Life History