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2014 REU Alumni

Abstract Book (PDF)

  • CARLISHA A. HALL, University of North Carolina Pembroke
    "The Impacts of Food Restriction on Reproductive Development in a Seasonally-Reproducing Mammal, the Siberian Hamster (Phodopus sungorus)"
    Mentors: Allison M. Bailey, Gregory Demas
  • JASON P. CAHELA, The University of Hawaii at Manoa
    "The Effects of Thermal Physiology on the Location of Individuals within a Group"
    Mentors: Delia Shelton, Jeffery Alberts
  • MARLEY ALFORD, Bard College
    "Risk-taking, Environmental Psychology, and Disease Risk in South Africa"
    Mentors: Eric Shattuck, Colleen Friedly, Michael Muehlenbein
  • MIRANDA MILLAR, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
    "Squeaky Growls: A Male Mouse's Neural Response to Differing Structures Occurring in Female Mouse Squeaks"
    Mentor: Laura Hurley
  • NILDA YARELIS RIVERA-REYES, University of Puerto Rico Cayey
    "Olfactory Working Memory in Rats"
    Mentors: Alexandra E. Smith, Amanda Doyle, Jonathon Crystal
  • STEPHANIE POLUKORT, Western New England University
    "Electric Communication Signals and Expression of the Neuromodulator Substance P in a Weakly Electric Fish"
    Mentor: G. Troy Smith
  • TARAN DEPAOLA, Northern Arizona university
    "Modulation of Mouse Maternal Behavior by Pup Phenotype and Familiarity"
    Mentors: Cathleen Rodda, Jeffery R. Alberts
  • ZEPHYR WENRICH, Indiana University Bloomington
    "The Role of Corticosterone in Migration of the Dark-Eyed Junco, Junco hyemalis"
    Mentors: Adam Fudickar, Ellen Ketterson
  • ZOE M. AUSTIN, Oklahoma State University
    "Cadmium Alters the Social Dynamics of Zebrafish"
    Mentors: Anuj Khemka, Meital Shachaf, Delia S. Shelton, Emilia P. Martins
  • 2013 REU Alumni

    • DOMONIQUE A. JACKSON, Syracuse University
      "The Effects of Host-Pathogen Coevolution on the Evolution of Mating Propensity in Androdioecious Hosts"
      Mentors: Samuel Slowinski, Ray Parrish II, Levi Morran, Curtis Lively
    • KELLY M. MOENCH, Carthage College
      "The Effects of Acute Stress and Fear Conditioning on Spine Density in Rat Medial Prefrontal Cortex"
      Mentor: Cara L. Wellman
    • MATTHEW L. MENDOZA, University of North Texas
      "Use of a Novel Whole-brain In Vitro Preparation to Study Electric Communication in Apteronotus leptorhynchus"
      Mentor: G. Troy Smith
    • ALEXIS R. ALCARAZ, Loyola Marymount University
      "Regulating CB1 Receptor Internalization Using Allosteric Modulators"
      Mentors: James Wager-Miller, Lindsay Knight, Kenneth Mackie
    • KAREN M. OCASIO, Universidad del Turabo
      "Are Two Heads Better than One?: Differences Between Individual and Group Responses to Water Currents"
      Mentors: Delia S. Shelton, Emilia P. Martins
    • ASHLYN C. MANNERY, Washington & Jefferson College
      "Evidence for Source Memory in a Rat Model (Rattus norvegicus)"
      Mentor: Jonathon D. Crystal
    • NICOLAS J. BERRY, University of California, Davis
      "Intruder Out of the Blue: The Significance of Blue Belly Patch Size in Agonistic Encounters of Male Eastern Fence Lizards (Sceloporus undulatus)."
      Mentors: Alison G. Ossip-Klein, Emilia P. Martins
    • MICHAEL D. RIVERA, The University of Arizona
      "Offspring Modulate Maternal Behavior: Implications for Phenotype Development in Knockout Mice Strains."
      Mentors: Paul Meyer, Jeffrey Alberts
    • CHIMA AMADI, Cornell University
      "The Influence of Photoperiod on Siberian Hamster (P. sungorus) Vocalizations During Same-sex Interactions."
      Mentors: Gregory Demas, Laura M. Hurley, Nikki Rendon, Sarah Keesom
    • ALEXANDRA O. MYHAL, University of Minnesota Morris
      "Is the Production of Anti-competitor Toxins by Bacteria Costly to their Nematode Symbionts?"
      Mentor: Farrah Bashey-Visser

    2012 REU Alumni

    Abstract Book (PDF)

    • REGINA RINGER, Tuskegee University
      "Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide and Seasonal Flocking and Aggression in Four Emberizid Sparrows"
      Mentors: Leah Wilson and Dr. James Goodson
    • BERNADETTA BERNATOWICZ, University of Scranton
      "Expression of Arginine Vasotocin in Brain Regions that Influence Sexually Dimorphic Electrocommunication in Apteronotus leptorhynchus"
      Mentors: Dr. Troy Smith
    • BRITTANY C. PRICE, North Carolina State University
      "Larger Shoals Disrupt Rheotaxis Performance in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)"
      Mentors: Delia S. Shelton and Dr. Emilia P. Martins
    • ISABEL ROJAS-FERRER, University of Puerto Rico—Mayaguez
      "Habitat Heterogeneity Influences Social Interactions in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)"
      Mentors: Delawrence J. Sykes, Kuwade Huey-Robinson, and Dr. Emilia P. Martins
    • CANDACE L. COOPER, Claflin University
      "Energetic trade-offs between the reproductive and immune systems in female Siberian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)"
      Mentors: Elizabeth D. Carlton and Dr. Gregory Demas
    • BRANDON DUNCAN, Point Loma Nazarene University
      "Why Do Some Animals Produce More Testosterone Than Others?"
      Mentors: Dr. Kimberly Rosvall
    • MACIEJ GONEK, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
      "Analysis of Morphine Reward and Dependence in Desensitization-Resistant Cannabinoid 1 Receptor (CB1) Mutant Mice"
      Mentors: Dr. Mackie and Dr. D.J. Morgan
    • JASMINE M. MOLIN, Spelman College
      "Within-Host Competition between Two Sympatric Insect-Parasitic Nematode Species"
      Mentors: Dr. Farrah Bashey-Visser
    • MARCO NAVARRO, Saint Louis University
      "Acoustic Trauma and Sertonergic Plasticity: Dealing with Damage in a Noisy World"
      Mentors: Dr. Adam Smith and Dr. Laura Hurley
    • SHANNON PERRY, Wesley College
      "The Effects of Sexual Experience on Male Mouse Ultrasonic Vocalizations"
      Mentors: Jessica Hanson, Sarah Keesom, and Dr. Laura Hurley

    2011 REU ALUMNI

    • TICIA WATSON, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
      "Thermoregulatory huddling by infant mice is augmented by nest configuration"
      Mentors: Dr. Jeffrey Alberts and Delia Shelton
    • VALERIE A. METZLER, Eastern Mennonite University
      "Quantifying the relationship between a salivary measure of functional immunity and peer ratings of physical attractiveness in young men and women"
      Mentors: Dr. Michael P. Muehlenbein and Sean Prall
    • MARY-JEANETTE ANDREWS, Indiana University - Bloomington
      Sensitivity of mice with a desensitization-resistant cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1) to endogenous cannabinoids and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol"
      Mentors: Drs. Ken Mackie and Daniel Morgan
    • KRISTIN C. QUINN, Spelman College
      "Sexual Orientation Differences in the Meaning of Having 'Had Sex'"
      Mentors: Drs. Stephanie A. Sanders PhD, Brandon J. Hill, and Elizabeth M. Webb
    • LUCAS GONZALEZ, Miami Dade College
      "Effect of RTI-113 on cocaine self-administration and cued-reinstatement in rats"
      Mentors: Dr. George Rebec and Alan Barker
    • DANNY FERNANDEZ, Georgia State University
      "Effects of Blocking Androgen and Estrogen Receptors on Electrocommunication Signals in a Weakly Electric Fish"
      Mentor: Dr. G.Troy Smith
    • SONYA JAYARATNA, Indiana University—Bloomington
      "Size, Sensitivity, and Signal: Examining sources of variation in gonadal testosterone production across subspecies of the dark-eyed junco (J. hyemalis)"
      Mentors: Dr. Ellen Ketterson, Dr. Kimberly A. Rosvall, and Christine Bergeon-Burns
    • TYLER PERFITT, DePauw University
      "Identification of Novel Lipid Mediators as Putative Endogenous Ligands for the Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 Channel"
      Mentors: Dr. Heather B. Bradshaw and Siham Raboune
    • MELISSA PROFFITT, Concord University
      "Steroid Regulation of Seasonal Aggression in Female Siberian hamsters" (Phodopus sungorus)
      Mentors: Dr. Gregory Demas and Nikki Rendon
    • JOSE OYOLA, Cornell University
      "Sceloporus lizards with blue signaling patches have ventral surfaces that contrast with their habitat"
      Mentors: Dr. Emilia Martins and Alison Ossip-Klein

    2010 REU ALUMNI

    Abstract Book (PDF)

    • NATASHA TONGE, Swarthmore College
      "The Brain-body connection: Does mRNA expression in the brain predict phenotype?"
    • KAISHA BELLINGHERI , Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University
      "Dietary lipids increase activity levels and behavioral stress in zebrafish (Danio rerio) exposed to a social stimulus"
    • RANDA AMIN, University of Maryland: Baltimore County
      Ethanol self-administration and conditioned-place preference are altered in desensitization-resistant cannabinoid 1 receptor (CB1) mutant mice"
    • CAROL CARTER , Teacher, Clear Creek Elementary, Bloomington, IN
      "Lessons developed to teach third grade students scientific investigation design related to animal behavior"
    • CHELSEA HOLMAN. University of Calif.—Santa Cruz
      "Electric organ discharge modulations in Brown ghost knifefish (Apteronotus leptorhynchus) and the effect of pheromones"
    • BRITTANY PALMER, Tuskegee University
      "The ontogeny of huddling in C57BL/6 mouse pups"
    • JOHNNY SALDATE, University of Arizona
      "Neuromodulators and behavior: Social regulation of serotonin in the auditory midbrain"
    • SIERRA STRINGFIELD, University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
      "The relationship between estradiol and stress, positive & negative affect, sex role, and self-esteem in men and women"
    • LISA WEATHERLY, Thiel College
      "Effects of estraiol on electrocommunication behavior in Apteronotus albifrons on populations of Peru and Columbia"
    • MIA PERTILLA, Tuskegee University
      "Lipids affect the behavior of some strains of zebrafish: Geographic origin plays a role"
    • ANTHONY BUONO, Providence College
      "Lipidomics on the hypothalamus and midbrain after acute peripheral inflammation"
    • BRIAN GRESS, Iowa State University
      "Seasonal sociality and territoriality in sparrows correlate with neuropeptide and aromatse anatomy"
    • PHILLIP WHARTON, Indiana University—Bloomington
      "Leptin increases endocannabinoid receptor expression in Siberian hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)"

    2009 REU ALUMNI

    Abstract Book (PDF)

    • SYBIL ANDRIEUX, SUNY College—Old Westbury
      "Prenatal social stress affects Siberian Hamster (Phodopus sungorus) offspring social behavior and physiology"
    • NAILAH SMITH, Xavier University of Louisiana
      "The functional effects of endocannabinoid signaling on Siberian Hamsters across photoperiod"
    • DANFENG WANG, Indiana University—Bloomington
      "Does food supplementation enhance immune function in reproductive females"
    • Sagebrush Lizards, (Sceloporus graciosus)?
    • NESHA JAIRAM, Spelman College
      "Maternal contributions to sensory experience in the fetal mouse (Mus musculus)"
    • MATTHEW MAY, Indiana University—Bloomington
      "The effects of cat odor on unlearned and learned defensive behavior in responding and non-responding Sprague Dawley rats"
    • STEPHEN KEELER II, Pennsylvania State University
      "Social interactions alter serotonin levels in the inferior colliculus"
    • ROSE HITE, Indiana University—Bloomington
      "Effects of food and social manipulation on zebrafish (Danio rerio) behavior"
    • LORE MCBROOM, Winston Salem State University
      "Habitat and sex differences in task performance in zebrafish"
    • AZIZA LASS, Prairie View A&M University
      "Female mate choice for condition-dependence and genetic compatibility"
    • KELSEY MCCUNE, Randolph College
      "Interspecific differences among three local entomopathogenic nematodes"
    • ALLISON MILLER, University of California—San Diego
      "Olfactory discrimination capabilities of the Dark-Eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis)"
    • CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON, Louisiana State University
      "Relative dependence of rats on allocentric vs. egocentric cues in locating a safety platform in a water maze or a food location in an arena"

    2008 REU ALUMNI

    Abstract Book (PDF)

    • GILDA BOBELE, Georgetown University
      "The effect of endocannabinoids on carbachol induced contractions in the rat uterus"
    • KEN FORMBY, University of Wisconsin—Whitewater
      "Sexually dimorphic communication behaviors in Sternarchogiton natteri"
    • LORNA MORENO, University of Puerto Rico—Rio Piedras
      "Variation in signal detection in Sceloporus undulates lizards"
    • JESSIE RACK, Slippery Rock University
      " Sexual dimorphism of electrocommunication signals across populations of weakly electric fish, Apteronotus albifrons"
    • KATIE REIMINK, Kalamazoo College
      "Nicotine entrainment treated with mecamylamine decreased post-injection activity"
    • SOPHIA ROBERTS, Oberlin College
      "Regulatory competence in mice"
    • HEATHER VEGA, Lamar University
      "The role of social feedback in gesture production of 14-18 month-old infants and their caregivers"
    • CASSANDRA WALDMAN, Baylor University
      "The effect of the environment and shoal composition on the behavior of zebrafish (Danio rerio)"
    • KELLY ZALOCUSKY, Hendrix College
      "Functional subdivisions of the medial amygdale in male zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata)"

    2007 REU ALUMNI

    Abstract Book (PDF)

    • JULIANA BELEN, University of Puerto Rico—Mayaguez Campus
      "Role of DHEA in mediating seasonal aggression in male Siberian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)"
    • SHAWNA BUERKLE, North Carolina State University
      "Sexual asymmetry in Sceloporus graciosus visual performance"
    • LAUREN BRIERLEY, Hope College
      "Are ape limb proportions adaptations for physical aggression or arboreality?"
    • STEPHEN CHANG, University of Michigan
      "The effects of cocaine-related cues on triggering relapse and activating doral prefrontal cortex"
    • KATHY DANIELS, New Castle High School teacher
      "Evolution—Convergence, divergence and adaptation lessons developed to teach evolution and ecology to middle and high school students"
    • MARGARET DONAHUE, Rochester Institute of Technology
      " Voltammetric study of the effects of autoreceptor activation on serotonin in the inferior colliculus of mice"
    • VICTORIA FLORES, Brown University
      "Injury response of the pacemaker nucleus after spinal cord transection in Apteronotus leptorhynchus"
    • MELISSA GREULICH, University of Wisconsin
      "Vegetation and water condition effects on zebrafish (Danio rerio) behavior"
    • JANELL HARRO, Illinois Wesleyan University
      "The effects of a context shift on chronically restrained animals tested in an instrumental appetitive-to-aversive transfer task"
    • LAUREN HAROLD, Tuskegee University
      "How many injections of nicotine can a rat anticipate in one day?"

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