Indiana University Bloomington
Gabriel Escobedo
Mackenzie Cory
VP of Communications
Eric Carlucci
VP of Programming
Colleen Friedly & Emily Rogers
Mirshad Ghalip
Secretary & Faculty Meeting Representative
Lillian Brown
Graduate and Professional Student Organization Representative
Sarah Monson
Graduate Affairs Committee Representative
Undergraduate Affairs Committee Representative
Charity Taboas
Community Outreach Officers
Leslie Drane and Davina Two Bears

The Anthropology Graduate Student Association

AGSA is committed to supporting graduate students within the Department of Anthropology and within the IU community. We strive to provide educational opportunities through annual student symposiums and talks, lunch-time lectures, roundtable discussions of critical issues, a first-year orientation meeting and monthly meetings. Graduate students are represented by AGSA members in departmental faculty meetings and in the IU Gradusate and Professional Student Organization (GPSO). Social activities include a party to welcome new students, informal receptions after lectures, and occasional impromptu fetes. Members of AGSA frequently congregate at local watering holes to discuss classes, anthropology and life in general. Membership in AGSA is open to all graduate students in the Department of Anthropology.